Brand Affinity: The Standard for Customer Retention

How social media can help you build strong brand affinity

Social media continues to play a larger role in today’s society; no longer is it enough for brands to offer simple customer loyalty programs, they must do more in order to keep customers coming back. With brands and consumers both on social media, it has never been easier for customers to jump ship at the earliest indication of a higher quality or better priced product available from a competing brand. No matter the cause, this is why brands should be shifting focus away from immediate revenue and towards building strong brand affinities that deliver long-term benefit to the overall brand.
It’s time for brands to become more innovative with their marketing strategies. By creating emotionally-driven campaigns that strengthen the bond between brand and customer, this will lead to higher engagement with consumers and will provide a much greater benefit to brands in the long term. With so much of this conversation taking place on social media, this gives brands an excellent opportunity to get to know their audience at a more personal level: by utilizing social monitoring and analysis tools, marketers can gain deep insights that will aid in building rapport with their brand’s customers.
To achieve this type of relationship, consumer intelligence is a must. You need to get to know your audience, and you need to quickly respond to their constantly evolving interests. Social data offers companies an endless and near-immediate supply of consumer insights that will aid them in bringing fresh strategies and appealing campaigns to the table. Consumer behavior on social media offers you the ability to gather all of the intelligence that you will need to make these new goals a reality.
Planning and implementing this new strategy will require you to understand the demographics of your customers and potential customers, how and what they’re sharing on social media, what their interests are, how they perceive your brand and products, and much more. With these insights, you will be able to create stronger content that will better resonate with customers. While all of these insights gained are the product of social media, the strategies that result from them will extend far beyond the actions you take on social media; you will be able to improve your customer service program, product offering, marketing and communications strategy, and brand image, all of which will aid in growing customer affinity towards your brand.
Creating a strong and meaningful brand affinity with your customers takes time, effort, and commitment. The results are not immediate, but they will take your brand to an entirely new level. Brand affinity is something that every customer-focused company should strive to achieve, and with social monitoring and analytics, it’s no longer a mere pipe dream.
For more insight into how social analytics can support a strong brand affinity, download our case study with Red Bull. 

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