Born in Boston: Why Crimson Hexagon Began in Beantown

CEO Stephanie Newby discusses the importance of local blood flowing through Crimson's ecosystem

Boston is a great place to live. Boston is also a great place to work. Not in the least because of its tech scene (aka the startups, innovation, gadgets, software, and design culture) that draws from the 54 higher education institutions in the area. But there’s something more than academia in the air. Bostonians have a history of challenging the status quo and following a revolutionary heart. This community spirit can be a great breeding ground for innovation.
Long before Silicon Valley deemed itself the center of the universe, Boston was labeled the “Hub of the Solar System” by a third party. That was Oliver Wendell Holmes, in The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table, in 1858: “A jaunty-looking person… said there was one more wise man’s saying that he had heard; it was about our place—but he didn’t know who said it…. ‘Boston State-House is the Hub of the Solar System. You couldn’t pry that out of a Boston man if you had the tire of all creation straightened out for a crow-bar.'”
There are many reasons why we believe Crimson Hexagon is a quintessential Boston company. Our Co-Founder and Board Chair is Professor Gary King, Harvard Professor, and inventor of the original technology driving the machine-learning algorithms embedded in our software. Our Chief Data Scientist, Aykut Firat is an MIT graduate, and together with Chris Bingham, Founding CTO and alumnus of nearby Dartmouth, we have continued to innovate in data science, artificial intelligence, and deep learning, beyond those roots.
Today, our customers, large global enterprises and global agencies including Starbucks, Netflix, Walmart, and more, leverage that technology to mine the one trillion posts of social media data we have stored and indexed that they have access to. It’s a goldmine of consumer insights, so long as you can get back highly accurate results on specific business questions. And that’s what we do best.
Our company hires from the universities in and around Boston. Many start with internships and move on to full-time roles after graduation. Others join us from one of the many other software firms in the city. It’s competitive, and it’s fun, and if you are tough enough to survive our weather, then you are tough enough for us. And, if for some strange reason, you live outside Boston’s borders, that’s okay — we have expanded our global footprint with offices in Chicago, San Francisco, London, and more.
BostInno is an important part of the glue for the tech scene here. Its LinkedIn byline describes it well: “Bostinno combines a fast, edgy, and opinionated editorial staff with an open community publishing platform to reinvent the model of local news online.” We are thrilled to be included the annual Tech Madness bracket. If you’re interested in voting, click on the link below to get into the Tech Madness!
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