Beyond Social Listening

Brands need consumer insights, not just social insights

Some of the best and biggest brands in the world have used Crimson Hexagon to analyze social media conversation since our founding in August of 2007. Since then, we’ve learned that leading brands are not basing strategic decision solely on insights derived from social data. For a more complete and accurate understanding of their target audiences, top consumer brands typically evaluate social data in concert with other data sets.

Put another way, the brands that we work with don’t want to better understand social media; they want to better understand consumers, and social is just one lens. As we’ve grown, we’ve also seen the volume of information that these companies analyze skyrocket, especially as their analyses now typically include a staggering volume of images.

From the outset, social media has been extremely valuable for brands because it offers such a vast source of publicly available consumer opinions, constantly updated in real time. In fact, we’ve often referred to social media as the world’s largest focus group. While an excellent source of consumer insights, social media is just one piece of the puzzle. Non-social online data like forums and blogs are also important for a fuller picture of consumer opinions and preferences. They often include images. And, of course, it’s not just online data — brands also have their own consumer data in the form of reviews, surveys, customer support logs, and many other sources.
It’s only by looking at all of this data together that brands can make confident strategic decisions that will help them achieve their desired business outcomes. But viewing this data in silos slows the decision making process and muddies the potential insights. That’s why we’re turning our AI-powered platform to take on the task of helping brands blend social data with other unstructured data from within their enterprise and other public, non-social data sources like blogs, forums, news, and reviews.

Crimson Hexagon is uniquely able to address the needs of brands looking for consumer insights thanks to:

Powerful AI and machine learning

The hardest business questions to answer are often the most important. What drives consumers to choose my brand? How are customers using my product? What emerging trends provide the biggest business opportunities? Simple automated tools can’t provide relevant answers to these types of brand-specific questions, and manual analysis isn’t scalable.

And when you’re talking about trillions of social media posts, blogs, news items, product reviews and more, it’s incredibly important to have a scalable solution. Crimson Hexagon’s patented BrightView™ algorithm uses machine learning to combine the best of human interpretation and computer processing speed, to uncover more relevant insights from any language, at scale. This allows you to train the algorithm to categorize posts just like a human and customize your analysis to fit the specific business needs for your brand, product, and customers.

The largest library of data on the market

Consumer insights are only as good as the data you’re analyzing. More data from more sources vastly improves the accuracy and relevance of your analysis results. That’s why Crimson Hexagon has been indexing social posts since 2008 from a wide range of global sources, giving customers the depth, breadth, and quality of data they need to answer key business questions.

Crimson Hexagon has the largest library of consumer conversation data in the industry (well over 1 trillion posts) and that’s just the beginning and we’re constantly adding new sources including. And unlike many tools out there on the market, Crimson Hexagon users have unlimited access to our vast data library. That means you never have to pay for more data, ever

Best-in-class image analytics

Imagine the internet with only text. It would probably look a lot like it did in 1992. Analyzing online media without including images misses out on a massive part of consumer conversation. Image analysis allows you to look at the full picture of online consumer conversation. That said, all image analysis isn’t created equal. Most tools touting image analysis technology really only include logo recognition.

Logo recognition is great, but there’s a lot more to image analysis than logos. In the words of Gartner’s VP of Research, Jenny Sussin, “You never just monitor for your brand name. If you do, you get a lot of garbage and not a lot of what you’re exactly looking for… If all we do is look for the logo we’re just monitoring the brand name.” That’s why Crimson Hexagon allows brands to analyze the logos, scenes, objects, faces and actions within images.

Easy-to-use and scalable

Crimson Hexagon makes it easy for anyone from analysts to executives to get the insights they on anything from audience interests to industry trends. Our platform provides easy-to-understand insights for everyone while empowering analysts to conduct deep-dive analysis that grow with the data maturity of the business. Our team is here to support you from providing valuable educational content through to helping guide your consumer insights strategy. Our close partnership with the amazing brands we work with is what led us to recognize the need to shift from a focus on “social” insights to consumer insights.

Other social listening tools are too limited in their scalability and use cases. These tools focus primarily on agencies in the mid market, where the users and use cases are narrow and the tech requirements are easier for them to try to address. Some of these tools are so narrowly-focused that they named themselves after the single use case that they can address in the mid market.


The social listening market is crowded with vendors selling similar tools to that accomplish a narrow range of social-focused tasks. While these tools are fine for certain tactical purposes, they aren’t enough for leading brands looking for comprehensive consumer insights to drive their strategy. For the decisions that matter most, brands need to analyze as much data as they can; it goes well beyond social.
For more on why we’re expanding beyond social media to help brands uncover consumer insights, join this webinar with our founder Gary King: From Social Listening to Consumer Insights


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