Best Practices From Social CEOs

A Webinar Series on Making Social More Effective

This month, Crimson Hexagon is launching Social CEOs Talk Social, an informative, interactive and fun webinar series. We are interviewing CEOs of innovative social media companies to learn a bit about them and their views on the use of social media by marketers – now and in the future. By participating in social media, CEOs reflect an open, approachable public appearance and builds trust and rapport with clients and partners alike.
What’s informative about it? You will learn how thought leaders view the future of social media and its use by marketers. Themes we will explore include:

  • Leveraging social media to amplify brands’ online presence
  • Using social media to extend a brands’ reach to new customers in a targeted way
  • Scaling up your social media presence
  • Managing brands with care in the age of social
  • Catching up if you are late getting into social
  • Measuring the impact of your social media campaigns
  • Benchmarking your social media marketing effectiveness
  • Addressing privacy concerns in social media marketing

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How is it interactive? During the live sessions, the audience will be encouraged to interact directly with the host (me, Stephanie Newby, CEO of Crimson Hexagon) and my guests (the CEOs of other social media companies) through questions and answers and audience polls. Initially, this will be live chat, but we will be moving to live video Q & A.
Where’s the fun? We will be using a game to tease out some fun stuff from the CEOs we will be interviewing. The audience will get to vote as part of the fun, and there will be prizes as well.
Come join us on October 16th! Our first guest will be the CEO of one of the more innovative tools we have seen emerge in our local market here in Boston. Glenn Gaudet, founder and CEO of GaggleAmp, had an idea to amplify corporate social media messaging online. When he could not find an available solution, Glenn decided to start his own company and develop it himself. That’s how we do things in Boston! The hockey stick angle of his company’s growth curve demonstrates that he was right – it was a good idea, and it is working well for his large and growing customer base.
The Gaggle solves a problem for two constituents:

  • Corporate marketers searching for more people who will tweet or share the messages that their Social Media team is generating.
  • People who are trying to grow their online presence need a steady stream of good content to post.

Sign up here to learn how Glenn and GaggleAMP are tackling these issues.

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