Balmain x H&M – The Impact of Influencer Marketing

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Balmain and H&M, the collaboration it seems everyone who is anyone is talking about. Since Olivier Rousteing, the creative director stroke genius behind the Parisian fashion brand was appointed at the tender age of 24 he has been doing many amazing things for the brand. Well-known for his chiseled cheekbones and A-list contacts, we were eager to see how the Balmain x H&M campaign took off on social.
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From queueing outside the store 3 days prior to its launch to being able to gain inside access to the catwalk show via Snapchat, it seemed almost impossible to escape from Rousteing’s latest project, which launched Thursday 5th November. Unsurprisingly, it sold out both in store and online within a matter of hours. We turned to our tool, to assess how they have managed to gain such huge, global recognition.
What did we find?
As mentioned, this year’s H&M collaboration was almost everywhere on social. The image below demonstrates just how wide its reach was.
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What was H&M’s technique?
Upon analysing social data, those mentionand looking at how this year’s Balmain collaboration differs from last year’s Alexander Wang collection, we noticed that H&M have switched it up somewhat by relying heavily on influencer marketing. H&M identified their target audience and picked up on the key influencers in the fashion world, and by incorporating them within the Balmain x H&M campaign have created this massive global presence.
Instead of focusing on bloggers and social media influencers (whose impact on a campaign can be massive), Balmain x H&M have chosen to utilise Olivier Rousteing’s A-list phonebook to include some really famous faces in their marketing campaign. Top model/reality TV star/ all-round A-lister Kendall Jenner, popular supermodel Gigi Hadid and Victoria’s Secret Angel Jourdan Dunn were specifically chosen to be the main faces of the campaign.
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The fact that Kendall Jenner already sits in H&M’s list of top non-organisational Twitter influencers is really promising for H&M (especially with her 4.5 million followers!).
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So. . .what impact have these famous faces this had on the campaign?
Looking at volume metrics, we can see just how much of a buzz each of these celebrities created on Twitter and Facebook alone, to assess whether or not the inclusion of such celebrities has been relevant for the campaign.

Overall number of posts referring to H&M and Balmain: 553,130

that mentionKendall Jenner: 116,450 posts

How many of that mention Gigi Hadid: 87,632 posts

How many of that mention Jourdan Dunn: 51,836 posts

As shown, each celebrity generates a huge amount of social buzz which increases massively by the day, demonstrating that H&M have in fact targeted the correct audience by choosing to include them in the campaign.
Audience Demographics
To break this down further again, we can look at the demographics of the audience speaking about the campaign on social. This allows us to really analyse how successful the Balmain campaign has been in engaging an audience. The first volume chart depicts the general H&M audience, and the second represents those who have aligned themselves with the Balmain collection.
H&M ages
Balmain ages
First off, it is clear to see that the Balmain campaign was effective in appealing to a wider audience. It allowed for H&M to attract more of the older generation, without losing touch with its younger fans. Thus, we can suggest that H&M’s influencers targeted the correct audience.
Delving deeper again, we used our unique Affinities feature which identifies audience interests.
Affinities are used to represent other audience interests surrounding the H&M brand. This feature helped us in terms of identifying new fan segments with interests in Fashion, Beauty, Vogue and Blogging, as well as social channels such as Snapchat and Instagram.
Worth mentioning here is that social has proved a vital role in terms of the hysteria surrounding the campaign. For example, Balmain took to Snapchat prior to the launch to provide users with inside access to the Balmain x H&M catwalk show.
snapchat balmain
Along with this, it could be argued that Instagram was used as the primary source of information for the campaign, with Rousteing using the platform himself to make important announcements and showcase sneak previews of the collection, and fans taking to the app to share their own snaps of the collection.
insta- olivier release
Overall then…
This collaboration has thus proved that identifying and understanding key consumer influencers is one thing, but incorporating them into the campaign itself can really make a whole lot of difference. Along with this, it is evident that social was vital in the execution of the campaign, throughout all stages of its life.
However, it’s all well and good saying this, but what impact did it have on its consumer audience? By consulting this opinion monitor we can see quite clearly that the marketing technique executed in the campaign was a success, and that the inclusion of such influencers was the correct decision.Opinion balmain hm to go at end
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