Assessing Global Food Security Conversation with Social Media

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Food security – including food access, affordability, and safety – is a pressing global issue. However, the concerns and challenges and the opportunities for policy and technological improvements are specific to different locations around the world.
We were intrigued when DuPont came to us with a question: Can we learn about the local particularities of food security through social media analysis? Working with social media analysts who are also language specialists using the ForSight platform, we assessed conversation about food security in eight languages. By processing millions of Tweets and Sina Weibo posts, we surfaced the topics that dominate conversation in those languages.
Analyzing social media conversation provides a compelling way to listen to the unique experiences and topics related to food security. Social listening provides regional insight without the burdens and expense of on-the-ground research and complements the many efforts by DuPont and other companies and organizations to understand food security topics and relieve world hunger.
To read more and to view the food security conversation infographic, visit DuPont’s Food Security blog.

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