Apple's iCloud Generally Well Received, But Misses the Mark for Many

32% of online Conversation Focused on Negative Issues: Unmet Expectations or Concerns with Data Security Issues

Crimson Hexagon analyzed 109,329 social media posts regarding Apple’s iCloud announcement in a period spanning June 6 through June 10. As a significant portion of the conversation consisted of news reports and statements of fact, we honed in on only the relevant opinions (84,982 or about 78% of the total). Our analysis found that approximately 60% of the reaction to iCloud in the relevant conversation was positive, 32% was negative, and 9% was humor (totals don’t equal 100% due to rounding).

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The tweets which were positive about the iCloud announcement fell into three categories: those excited iCloud is free (23% of all opinions), those generally excited for iCloud (22%), and those who were relieved to finally have a well-designed cloud option (15%).

  • Expressing this excitement, one Twitter user, @muralimuniyappa, writes: ‘iCloud!! It’s FREE!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG #WWDC!!!’
  • Another, @scottnursten, says: ‘iCloud looks sweet, iOS 5 better and Lion the bomb. Good year to be an apple fanatic. #Apple #WWDC.’
  • And @joushuajabbour notes: ‘Apple’s new iCloud may just make me finally move away from Google apps for email/calendar/docs- really slick. Let’s hope it works well!’

The jokes about iCloud (9% of relevant tweets) tended to focus on either its name or its professed abilities.

  • Twitter user @classicbenward jokes that ‘Steve’s building a cryogenics lab in the data centre so he’s ready to upload his consciousness to the iCloud.’
  • While @Juregodler writes: BREAKING: People of the world wonder what will happen to their iCloud data in case of severe rain. #apple.

The negative views of iCloud focused on its real and speculated deficiencies. 17% of relevant tweets did not think iCloud was as good as it was promised to be, and 15% of tweets were uneasy about data security and encryption.

  • @jeffscott was concerned about user features: ‘#AppleI is making a lot of assumptions about HOW i want to sync my data. will users have ANY granularity of control? #iCloud #WWDC.’
  • And regarding security, @robertovalerio comments that he ‘Just had a look at the tech specs from Apple iCloud: I see NO encryption at all. #apple #icloud #encryption,’
  • while @GazWeetman notes: ‘As marvellous as iCloud is, I’m not entirely sure that the Playstation fiasco puts me at ease about all my data being ‘out there.”

How did you react to Apple’s iCloud announcement? We’d love to hear your perspective.
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