Apple Products Hot Topics in Social Conversations

This holiday season, the iPad Air and iPad mini are Apples hot new products – the primary focus of Apple’s advertising and marketing. Yet, the Mac and iPhone remain popular items on shoppers’ Christmas lists.
Apple Christmas List
Using Crimson Hexagon’s new Topic Waves feature to model clusters of conversation about “Apple” and “Christmas,” we see that the iPhone and the Mac remain prominent topics of conversation. As shoppers tweet about trendy Apple items, they continue to talk about purchasing “classic” Apple products for themselves and for the other people on their Christmas list.
Topic Waves on Apple and Christmas Social Conversations
When shoppers tweet about “Apple” and “Christmas,” they are largely expressing enthusiasm and positive sentiment. Using Crimson Hexagon’s automated text analysis, we measure sentiment within minutes and find that 36% of conversation from November 29 to December 8 is positive about Apple products and Christmas, while only 6% of tweets are negative.
Apple Social Sentiment

With Crimson Hexagon’s social media data library consisting of the full firehose of public tweets and ForSight’s unique mix of technologies for sentiment and topic analysis, we can gain insights into Apple’s holiday shopping season in minutes. This year, we see that old Apple favorites, like the Mac, hold their own alongside newer items like the iPad Air and iPad mini.

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