Announcing Vizia for Crimson Hexagon: See the Big Picture

When Crimson Hexagon and Brandwatch announced a merger, the combined company promised new levels of innovation for their customers. We’re already delivering on that promise. Today is an exciting day! Vizia now offers data visualizations of Crimson Hexagon data.

Vizia is a data visualization platform designed to bring social and marketing insights to life. In other words, it’s the best way of showcasing and distributing your insights, in a way that’s engaging, impactful and valuable.

Take the hassle out of content creation, organization and distribution in an intuitive way. Vizia brings the various aspects of your marketing world together in one central hub and allows you to use this unity to drive marketing efforts.

Prove the importance of your work by giving people a window into your world in an insightful and memorable way.

Making insights easy

Just like you, our customers’ experience is at the heart of what we do.

You need to be ready to act when a crisis hits – real-time data ensures nothing goes unnoticed.

From breaking news to industry trends, it pays to know. Make the first move with Vizia.

Identify opportunities in the moment to drive your marketing strategy. Bring different data sources together, identify opportunities and react.

Your time is precious and we know that. The world is increasingly data-driven, which is good news for us, but means that you have to make sense of this sea of data. We want Vizia to be medium to achieve this, and we want to make it easy for you.

By spending less time in our platform, you’ll have more time to implement the insights you’ve carefully uncovered.

Your marketing world, visualized

Bring all of your integral marketing data together in one place. From Crimson Hexagon to Facebook Ads to Google Analytics.

The thing is your marketing tech stack is overflowing. A tool for this, a tool for that, multiple tabs, endless clicking.

If only there were a solution!

We want Vizia to be the hub for your marketing data. Bring all of your marketing tools into one easy to understand interface. Visualize them side by side and begin to understand the relationships between them. Start to identify trends and make better and more informed decisions.

Align your team around the voice of the customer – bring together different aspects of the customer journey to maintain a view of the big picture.

Drive your customer experience strategy – distributing insights has never been easier.

Customer-driven narrative

Customer-driven strategies are here to stay. Companies all over the world are investing in strategies that put the customer first but to do this you need to ensure that everyone in your org is aligned around the same objective. From engineering to sales, the more buy-in the bigger the return. Vizia can help you achieve this.

Keep senior management informed and engaged by effortlessly sharing reports that are impossible to ignore.

Get noticed

Send your insights anywhere, at any time.

Your hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed, especially when it can help align others in your organization. We’re not talking about exporting a pdf and attaching it to an email to then never get opened and forgotten forever. We’re talking about bringing your insights to life on any screen anywhere with simple drag and drop functionality.

This is an exciting time for Vizia as we look beyond the traditional command center use case at the next evolution of marketing. This means more integrations an more channels of distribution. Stay tuned.

Learn more by reading our guide The Vizia Platform: See the big picture

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