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Social listening can tell you a lot about who’s talking about your brand.

But what about all those other people who aren’t talking about you… those who may not even have heard of you yet?

To plan a successful targeted marketing campaign you need a proper understanding of all your potential customers. That means looking beyond what’s being said when they’re engaging with you to the 99.9% of the time they’re talking about something else.

Instant audience insights

Audiences lets you instantly search a database of over 450 million profiles to find the people that matter to you. You can then analyze all of your target audience’s conversations to uncover insights about their interests and behaviors so you can build more personalized marketing campaigns to reach them:

  • Optimize your content marketing by engaging with the themes and trends that you know will resonate.
  • Collaborate with authentic influencers that have a real reach with your target audience in particular.
  • Target your Twitter Ad campaigns with pinpoint precision.

Having a data-driven profile of your customers and knowing how they communicate and who with allows you to customize your brand content around topics you know will resonate. Communicate with them in a style that speaks their language and amplify it with the most relevant influencers to them.

Audiences reports are live so your personas are always up-to-date, meaning you can quickly detect opportunities to get involved in the topics or trends that matter to them.

How does it work?


You can search by keywords in bios and recent tweets, demographics, interests and the followers of any Twitter account. Search is unlimited and instant. You can export your audiences to work with offline or send them directly to Twitter as tailored audiences to use in targeting your paid campaigns.

Or you can start analyzing them in Audiences to get a deeper understanding of who they are.

Audience Analysis

Every tweet (or retweet) by the people you’ve searched for is analyzed and themes of conversation are automatically identified so you can see the topics your audience is most likely to talk about.

Audiences also pulls out and analyzes other key things in your audience’s conversations, including:

  • The hashtags and emojis they use
  • The websites they share links to
  • The influencers and brands they engage with
  • The popular tweets and content they share


If you were to study just the most common topics and people an audience is talking about, you’d find a lot of the same topics coming up again and again: big news stories, politics and sporting events.

But while Audiences analyzes your audience’s conversations it also compares them to all the conversations happening on Twitter, everywhere. It then surfaces the trends that are most relevant to your audience to help you build a detailed, live, marketing persona based on what makes your audience unique.

And it does all this in a few seconds.

The themes component

By looking at entities such as Twitter handles and websites mentioned in your audiences tweet’s, Audiences automatically classifies them into around 300 different machine learning-defined themes and sub-themes.

This is where you can get an overall understanding of the interests of your audience. By highlighting themes your audience is talking about more than average you can detect surprising shared interests.

This allows you to think outside the box and create content that really stands out by looking beyond stereotypes and basing your marketing on the real characteristics of the real people you’re trying to reach.

The hashtags component

As well as overall themes, you can see the specific hashtags that are particularly popular among your audience. This is perfect for identifying specific trends or events that your audience is engaged with.

It’s like a longer list of Twitter’s ‘trends’ but specifically showing what your audience is talking about, rather than the general population. Join the conversations that are hot right now or inform your offline advertising and sponsorships by identifying the TV shows and events they’re most interested in.

The favorite sites component

Know where your audience is sharing links to.

This provides valuable insights about where they get their news and information but also allows you to partner or advertise with your audience’s favorite content providers.

The emojis component

Get an insight into your customers’ usage of the world’s fastest growing language: emoji.

Whether they’re fans of smiley faces and hearts or prefer the more obscure ones you can make sure your own emoji use matches theirs.

The influencers component

Identify the most effective influencers by studying who your audience is engaging with already.

By measuring influencers’ relevance to an audience you can find celebrities that are worth the money to partner with. You can also find micro-influencers that might not have the same global reach but have an authentic relationship with the people you are trying to target.

The detail view

Insights are great, but nothing gives a report impact quite like real examples. Clicking on any theme or entity you discover in Audiences lets you see the specific mentions within them.

Audiences lets you open a window into any group of people quickly and easily to identify the most effective ways to reach them authentically.

To see how you can start building marketing personas based on the people that matter to you, get a demo to see Audiences in action today.

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