Reactions to Ann Curry's Today Show Departure

After 14 years, NBC has fired Ann Curry amid declining ratings and increased competition.
Picture from Ann Curry's Twitter Account
Trading the lead with ABC’s Good Morning America inspired NBC’s decision in the hopes it of giving Matt Lauer a better dynamic with his new co-anchor.
Twitter, however, didn’t think this was the best move for the Peacock.
ForSight: Summary of Results
The conversation is overwhelmingly supportive of Ann Curry—68% of the conversation disagrees with NBC’s decision.
Sample Commentary about Ann Curry
Conversation that didn’t directly praise her abilities as a journalist discussed what they felt were the actual problems with The Today Show, by offering a few alternatives.
Sample Commentary about Ann Curry
Sample Commentary about Ann Curry
Sample Commentary about Ann Curry
Because many on Twitter are supportive of Ann Curry and would like her to continue at Today, perhaps NBC should explore other options to revitalize the brand. This analysis shows Curry’s a hit with viewers—if she isn’t a match for the anchor desk, maybe there’s another way to leverage her popularity instead of letting her go?
What does this social media analysis tell you? Would you have fired Ann Curry or would you have tried to find a different solution? Let us know below or tweet us @crimsonhexagon to share your thoughts.

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