Analysis Shows Power of Brand Perception By Gender

Victoria's Secret Social Analytics Measure Consumer Affinity around Fashion Show and Ad Campaigns

Victoria Secret Brand Perceptions from Fashion Show
Victoria’s Secret is America’s leading lingerie apparel brand, ranking second in the 2013 annual YouGov Brand Index – a study regarding brand perceptions in the retail clothing sector. The annual Victoria’s Secret’s Fashion show and countless sale events – specifically the Semi-Annual Sale – seem to create buzz within social media. Using the ForSight™ social intelligence platform, we monitored conversation about Victoria’s Secret over the past year. The fashion show generated a massive spikes in conversation, whereas their sale created less of an increase in post volume.
Brand Perceptions on Victoria Secret Volumn Trend
Though the sales were overshadowed by fashion shows in volume of posts, there was a small yet significant spike in conversation on the Tuesday of the Semi-Annual sale.
Brand Perceptions Opinion Analysis Victoria Secret
Surprisingly, about a third of this year’s conversation about Victoria’s Secret came from men. At the peak of conversation around the fashion show, the male percentage of the conversation around the show and models rose slightly, from 33% to 35% on the day of the fashion show.
Brand perceptions by campaign gender divide
Ignoring the general lifecasting sections on topic wheel, we noticed subtle differences in the conversation generated by men and women. Consumers of both genders talked about the impossible bodies of the models. Women seemed to focus on their feelings about the models, while men seemed to both acknowledge this impossible standard, but also talk about the male experience of this event. The most posts per capita came from New York City, the location of the fashion show with 2,024 posts per million. However, this wasn’t the only source of traffic; the whole country chimed into the conversation. Our Affinities™ tool seemed to reflect the gender divide, as the top four most relevant affinities were beauty, fashion, baseball and basketball that week.

Dividing Gender in Victoria Secrets brand perception topic wheels
Aside from the spikes around the fashion show, fashion and the shopping experience drove conversation year-round, with slightly more emphasis on the shopping.
The week of the sale showed two very different discussions by men and by women. Women seemed to focus more on the sale while men seemed to remain focused on the models. While the Semi-Annual Sale did not see the same spike in conversation as the fashion shows, discussion about shopping at Victoria’s Secret rose about three percent. Within the shopping discussion, people tweeted about the semi-annual sale and sales in general. The number of complaints about Victoria’s Secret also rose that week, although a significant number of those complaints were not actually negative: consumers were expressing their disappointment about missing the sale.
Rochtest vs Opinion on Victoria Secret Opinion Analysis
While the Semi-Annual Sale seemed somewhat successful, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show proved to be by far the most effective marketing tool to get people talking about Victoria’s Secret on social media. The peak in conversation about the show also spurred conversation about the store and the brand. Having insight to host the show, a popular topic for both genders, around the holiday season speaks to Victoria’s Secret’s brilliant marketing; it ensures glamorous underwear is still on the minds of men and women during the gift-giving season.
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