AI Powers New Customer Care Solution

BrightView for Customer Care uses machine learning to identify and sort inquires at scale

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize business in the same way the internet did. McKinsey estimates that AI technologies will create between $3.5 trillion and $5.8 trillion in value annually across nine business functions in 19 industries.

While there is a lot of hype around AI currently, all that really matters is how you can leverage the technology for specific business outcomes.

Crimson Hexagon has been using AI to help businesses make sense of data for years. Our machine learning-powered BrightView algorithm was created to help brands answer the question “What people are saying about ____ on social?”

As AI technology advances, we’re expanding the power of BrightView to help brands answer new questions for more use cases.

The next question we’re helping brands answer with BrightView is “How can I better identify and categorize customer care inquires to improve the customer experience?”

Applying AI to customer care

Today, your customers are much more likely to tweet about an issue with your product or service than call your customer support line. They are also much less likely to tolerate a delayed response to their inquiry. While the new care channels and quick response expectations are great for consumers, they create quite a challenge for brands.

Consumers don’t always tag your brand’s official social handle, in fact they may not even mention the brand at all as a photo may be all that’s needed.

Conversely, they might tag your official social accounts all the time for things completely unrelated to customer care. They might misspell the name of your product, or your product might have a name that also means a lot of other things, such as Malibu or Tide.

This means that brands typically need their customer care agents to spend lots of time and money reading through thousands of irrelevant online posts or relevant posts meant for specific teams, all this extra time slows down the ability to correctly identify and route customer care requests to meet expectations for customer response times.   

Until now.

BrightView for Customer Care

To tackle this challenge, we developed BrightView for Customer Care, a machine learning-based solution for the world’s leading brands that automatically classifies customer care requests at massive scale. And we’re proud to officially announce it today.

BrightView for Customer Care accurately identifies and processes customer communications from any source — social media, emails, chat logs, call transcripts — so they can be routed to the proper system, dramatically reducing time to issue discovery and resolution.

Expanding our AI from the original learning algorithms, BrightView for Customer Care can automatically use posts that your customer care team responds to as training posts. That means every time an agent responds to a post, such as a customer support inquiry coming in via Twitter, that tweet can be used to train the platform how to categorize similar posts in the future. This means that not only is BrightView for Customer Care amazing right out of the box, it gets smarter over time. Powered by Crimson’s industry-leading library of social media data — including all Twitter data since 2010 — BrightView for Customer Care is able to use vast amounts of training data for increasingly accurate customer inquiry categorization and routing.

Traditionally, Customer Care practitioners were able to monitor only owned direct social channels. With Crimson’s BrightView for Customer Care, Care professionals also will be able to capture what is being said off channel, or, “in the wild.”

AI insights in every department

From the beginning, the Crimson Hexagon Platform leveraged AI technologies to identify patterns and surface actionable insights hidden within massive volumes of information that were beyond human capacity to process. We’ve already expanded beyond text to image recognition with our deep learning and neural network models. We take focus in applying this technology to achieving better business outcomes for KPIs such as customer response time, more engaging content, better performing campaigns, optimized targeting and earlier trend detection for product development.

BrightView for Customer Care isn’t the only new AI-powered part of the platform..

We’re adding predictive alerts to proactively sends notifications early in the trend cycle to alert brands to important shifts in conversation, audience segmentation or emerging crises. We’re also further enhancing a personalized insights feed that surfaces the most important insights and anomalies from the online conversations that an individual user of the platform is interested in by learning from their behavior. Both of these improvements help uncover the most relevant but hidden insights that would otherwise require constant manual monitoring.

More data sources, dynamic dashboards and Natural Language Generation

AI is only as useful as the data set you apply it to. Crimson Hexagon already had the largest library of public online consumer conversations, but we’re expanding our data library even further with the addition of the full Reddit firehose and data from Tencent QQ (China’s largest forum) to our vast array of social networks, blogs, forums, news and websites. We’re also part of Twitter’s exclusive Official Partner program, which gives Crimson Hexagon unparalleled access to Twitter data.

Furthermore, to help users better track consumer conversation in real-time, we’ve improved live monitoring of volume, sentiment, and relevant content feeds in our customizable dashboards. We’ve also made the Crimson Hexagon platform more intuitive for anyone to use by using natural language generation to tell users exactly what is important. These improvements allow anyone to uncover consumer insights and and share them across the enterprise.

To learn more about our latest AI platform updates, join us for a live webinar on June 28, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. ET

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