AI, Ease of Use, and a New Version of ForSight

Artificial intelligence is everywhere in technology, topping Gartner’s top emerging technologies rankings this year and last. But many worry: is this technology making my life better? Easier?

At Crimson Hexagon, our use of artificial intelligence focuses on just that: making the day-to-day jobs of our users better, faster, and easier. Since our founding in 2007, we have leveraged AI to benefit our users. Today, we begin rolling out the latest chapter in that story: A revamped version of our flagship deep analytics product, ForSight. Across the capabilities added and within the core experience, we’ve applied AI to streamline the user experience, allowing marketers and researchers to do more in less time.

What exactly do we mean? Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Developing trends

A consistent request we get from our customers has been: How can you tell me something I don’t know yet? With the launch of Developing Trends, Crimson Hexagon offers a single-click solution to this problem. Developing Trends uses several advanced AI techniques to track data patterns and surface anomalous events without any user input. By enabling proactive event, brand, and campaign monitoring 24/7/365, marketers and analysts can spend less time worrying about the here and now, and invest more time shaping your next move.

Keyword categories

A whole new experience

Both of these new capabilities feature prominently in our next gen version of ForSight, rebuilt from the ground up to be faster, easier to learn, and easier to use.

A modern architecture underpins modern navigation; pathfinding can be done purely by interacting with charts and features, without thinking about the site map.

No time to hunt for insights? Not a problem. Our AI automatically surfaces recent trends for you.

Across the product, natural language generation now creates at-a-glance narratives. These simple summaries capture key concepts surfaced by the data, explaining insights for novice users and clarifying takeaways for experienced analysts and executives.

With the massive volumes of information available to help you better understand consumer perceptions, you need AI to help you separate signals from the noise. Individually, each of these enhancements improves time to value for our users: certain signals are now easier to identify in certain cases. However, taken in combination, the power of our AI-Powered Consumer Insights Platforms emerges: our AI can automatically surface insights across Keyword Categories you defined. For our customers, that definitely makes their lives better and easier.

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