Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Social TV Fans Respond Warmly

When we tracked the social buzz for new fall TV shows with Lost Remote over the summer of 2013, Crimson Hexagon’s team discovered that anticipation for Agents of SHIELD led the field among new shows. The hashtag #CoulsonLives proved especially popular among fans of Joss Whedon and the Avengers franchise who were eager to see Agent Coulson back in action.
Agents of SHIELD Social TV
Naturally, we wanted to follow up to see whether summertime enthusiasm led to positive reviews for Agents of SHIELD after the first three episodes had aired on ABC. Using ForSight, we found that tweets about Agents of SHIELD, reaching almost half a million over period of the first three episodes, are overwhelmingly enthusiastic for the Marvel show.
Social TV fans proportion of posts for Agents of SHIELD
Social TV Opinion Analysis for Agents of SHIELD
On the day of the first show, 71% of tweets were positive about Agents of SHIELD, and over the whole time frame 64% of tweets were enthusiastic about the show.  The bar graph showing the opinion trend indicates that negative comments are basically non-existent on the days that the episodes air.

Over the first three episodes, the most significant driver of positive reviews of the show was enthusiasm for characters and actors (27%). Agent Coulson remains a fan favorite, and many fans expressed their delight to see Samuel L. Jackson’s appearance in an early episode.
Samual Jackson in Agents of SHIELD

While negative reviews of the show represent a very small share of tweets about Agents of SHIELD, there are some themes that emerge. Some viewers expressed disappointment after holding high hopes for the show, and others panned the show as “cheesy.”

Agents of SHIELD gender analysis
For a superhero tv show, the gender mix is fairly balanced for Agents of SHIELD: of tweets about SHIELD, around 60% are from men and 40% from women.
In the first three episodes, it appears that the summer marketing for the show has transitioned well to plentiful and positive audience engagement with Agents of SHIELD on social media. As we continue to analyze the #SocialTV space with Lost Remote, stay in touch with @crimsonhexagon on Twitter.
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