Agency Uses Social Listening to Launch Sports Brand

Russell Pinke Shares Translation’s Story

Translation, the creative agency in New York, faced a challenge. The Nets asked Translation to make the Brooklyn Nets a badge brand. But, at the time, the team faced significant criticisms of the move and construction of Barclays Center.

Translation specializes in creative strategy to make brands a part of culture. In our new video, Russell Pinke, Director of Analytics at Translation, explains how he used Crimson Hexagon’s social data and analytics to inform the strategy that ultimately made the Nets a beloved brand in Brooklyn.
Using Crimson Hexagon for social listening, the Translation team discovered that fans used the song title “Hello Brooklyn” in their social conversations about the Nets. This insight kicked off Translation’s work helping the Nets become part of Brooklyn.
With the magnitude, context, and texture of that conversation at their disposal in the ForSight™ platform, the Translation team built a complete brand strategy around #HelloBrooklyn, using the hashtag and phrase for social media marketing as well as for billboards, print advertising, promotions, and team gear and apparel.
Using Social Listening for Brooklyn Nets
We love how Translation’s story demonstrates the power of data and culture working hand-in-hand to build powerful marketing strategy and brand affinity. Thanks for sharing your story, Russell. We wish you many more successes!
To learn more on how agencies can use social listening intelligence to drive brand and campaign strategy, we invite you to download our case study  on LeBron and Melo that discusses unraveling social conversations for public relations insight and response.

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