Agency Life Cycle: Winning the Pitch with Cover Girl


When pitching a new account or growing your agency’s engagement with a client, bringing fresh consumer insight about a brand or product category and demonstrating how your team can leverage those insights to build successful campaigns wins business. In our Agency Social Revolution Series, we will follow the story of how an agency can use social media listening and analytics at every stage of their engagement with CoverGirl, a marquee makeup and cosmetics brand. In this post, we examine how an agency can uniquely arm themselves for the pitch and come out with a new account by leveraging the latest in social media analysis.

Research for the Pitch
In 1958 the Noxzema Chemical first introduced its line of CoverGirl skin products. Later acquired by Procter & Gamble, CoverGirl is known for signing models and celebrities to be “Cover Girls” and spokeswomen for the brand. Today they are one of America’s most recognizable skin care and cosmetics brands.
Maybelline New York is one of CoverGirl’s main competitors. The Brand is one the world’s biggest cosmetics manufacturers and original producer of mascara. Acquired in 1996 for $508 million, the brand is the largest beauty company owned by L’Oreal. CoverGirl is most well known for its skin products, while Maybelline is recognized more for its makeup and mascara products.
Market size and position research in hand, we turn to the ForSight analytics platform to research customer conversation to bring fresh consumer insight to CoverGirl. As a first pass, we used ForSight to gain a high-level outlook on volume, sentiments, and topics trends for the brand. From there, we took a deeper dive into consumer opinion and the drivers of customer conversation, both at the brand level and by looking at product-specific conversation.
Cover Girl Winning the Pitch_ Opinion analysis from 2014-08-01 to 2015-02-15
Key Insight #1: Consumer Favorites
While CoverGirl’s roots have been in skin care products it has become clear that their makeup products have become widely popular. However, it is surprising how popular their line of eye makeup is with customers. As you can see from our Opinion Analysis the topic of “Eye Makeup” dominates 42% for the conversation.
The results are even more surprising when we compare them to the conversation surrounding Maybelline’s line of Eye Makeup; traditionally consider to be Maybelline’s signature product line.
Cover Girl -Maybeline Category trend comparison from 2014-08-01 to 2015
As you can see from our analysis the conversations seem to be fairly equal until about mid-October with a significant spike for CoverGirl carrying through the end of November. So now that we have identified the trends in the conversation, what recommendation can we make to CoverGirl on how to capitalize on these insights?
Insight #2: Additional Customer Interests
Using Crimson Hexagon’s Affinities analysis we can identify additional interests for CoverGirl customers
Cover Girl_ Differentiating Pitch Affinities
We find several important insights when examining customer interests. There is significant conversation surround “Coupons” and “Deals”. In the Affinities Graph we can see that “Coupons” are 141 times more likely to be mentioned by CoverGirl customers than the rest of Twitter. Additionally “Deals” are 12 times more likely to be a part of these conversations as well.
Interestingly, Walmart is a large part of this conversation, being 52 times more likely to be mentioned by CoverGirl customers than the rest of Twitter.
Armed with this data you can recommend that CoverGirl partner with Wal-Mart to run a coupon deal for their eye makeup products. Additionally you can suggest that they run several commercials during TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” to further reach their target audience.
Finally we were able to break down the age demographics of this conversation. Women 35 and above dominate this conversation so you can recommend gearing ads towards this age group.
CoverGirl Winning the Pitch Age Breakdown from 2014-08-01 to 2015-02-15
All of these insights are invaluable when it comes to differentiating your pitch. Not only are you able to come to CoverGirl with specific recommendation for a targeted ad campaign that will help drive sales, but you are also able to offer valuable insights into their customer base. Because many Agencies will assume that CoverGirl’s target audience will consist mainly of 18-24 year olds you will immediately set yourself apart by suggesting they target women 35 and above for this ad campaign.
Customizable opinion analysis provides insight into which products dominate the conversation about a brand, and gives fresh audience insight without spending money on focus groups or surveys, leading to a well-researched and uniquely informative pitch and account plan. The first critical step in the agency life cycle is the pitch for new business. With robust conversation and audience social media analysis, the agency will go into the CoverGirl pitch armed with unique consumer insight that will make their agency the clear choice to land Maybelline’s creative business.

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