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In the agency campaign lifecycle so far, we have learned how to research campaign strategy and plan for a media buy, but what other socially-centered materials key in to a campaign’s content strategy? The greater content and messaging that surrounds the campaign needs to be marketed effectively as well as visuals that need to organically connect with audiences through social media channels.

Use Social Analytics to Guide Content Strategy

Content managers understand the power of social media; we deal with it every day. But providing verifiable and real-time ready analyses can be nearly impossible for a content creator. As an agency, growing meaningful conversation around your client’s brands can mean the difference between a successfully targeted audience and accidentally offending your client’s consumers. Simply put, listening to users on what content matters to them points you toward the best stuff to write about.
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When a creative director comes over and says, “we need something that reaches out to young women interested in music,” how can you find relevant and build strategic content? Searching through web content can take hours, and positioning against what already exists can be frustrating.This is when ForSight’s real-time analysis of the conversation surrounding these particular sectors in relation to a product, brand or industry makes the difference. When researching content in a brand, comparing content produced by competitors can help you pave a new strategy for driving new, qualified marketing leads.
Cover Girl Age and Gender
When looking to reach the optimal audience to direct your content towards, we use the topic wheel to see what drivers of conversation are currently occurring among those who discuss Cover Girl on social media. The topic wheel displays an overall positive outlook on Cover Girl’s brand, but we need to parse down the conversation to determine how Cover Girl fans feel about the the products in association with certain interests or preferences. We applied filtering to the results to analyze the conversation surrounding R&B and Hip-Hop. While there was a portion of conversation related to Atlanta, Hip-hop, and the Real Housewives, it wasn’t as significant as we expected to see, covering only a small portion of overall posts related to the make-up brand.
Becky G Topic Wheel
We search through the general monitor again, and this time, we found a connection to a Twitter username that seemed popular on social media: @IamBeckyG. Becky G is a young, hispanic Latin Pop and Hip-hop artist garnering significant attention over social media, with connections to the family-friendly Disney Channel. Becky G was recently selected to become a Cover Girl. Planning content that relates to Becky G would be an effective way to reach the younger audience that has significant ties to the beauty brand.
The Becky G connection is supported by overall audience analysis in the affinities related to Cover Girl. We look at Hip Hop and see social media users are twice as interested in this segment than the average Twitter user. We also see that Katy Perry, a popular music artist and another Cover Girl, represents over 4% of social conversation within the Cover Girl keywords.
Cover Girl Affinities R&B
Using all of this data, a content marketer could compile a series of outreach content strategies for initiatives relating to these key hip-hop and pop icons, to interrelate and reach the appropriate demographic of social media users.
ForSight offers marketers the opportunity to see what’s trending visually as well. Social account monitors analyze the conversation surrounding an entire conversation from Instagram. ForSight also offers segment insights capabilities, which allows researchers to view media currently trending and shared by a selected interest segment, such as Hip-Hop. Viewing the top visual trends in these areas can inspire a content strategist for planning a Vine collection or Instagram campaign, simply by tracking current and popular video and photos shared within the segments.
Hip Hop Segment Insights
With e-mails sent to brands focused around consumer in this particular sector, blog posts sharing volume statistics and conversation sentiment, and landing pages geared towards those interested brands, content managers can procure market qualified leads that secure new business through each “ForSight-qualified” content initiative.
For more information on how to how to reach your target audience, we invite you to take a look at our blog today.

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