After Full Review, Crimson Hexagon Gets Facebook and Instagram Data Turned Back On

After several weeks of constructive discussion and information exchange with Facebook, we are very pleased to report that Facebook and Instagram reinstated Crimson Hexagon and our entire customer base will now be able to once again access those data sources on our platform.

Several of Facebook’s questions focused on a small number of our government customers, which represent less than 5 percent of our business. Historically, we have vetted potential government customers similar to our other customers — with a goal of understanding their proposed use of our platform in order to make them successful. To our knowledge, no government customer has used the Crimson Hexagon platform for surveillance of any individual or group.

Over time we have enhanced our vetting procedures for government customers. Nevertheless, we recognize it is important to go beyond vetting by monitoring these government customers on an ongoing basis to ensure the public’s expectations of privacy are met. As governments and government-sponsored organizations change how they use data, we too must change.

We are hopeful that our extended dialogue with Facebook will lead to a strengthened and deepened Facebook partnership that will help our customers draw increased value from public online information on both of our platforms. In the meantime, we are thrilled that our customers can continue to rely on the Crimson Hexagon platform with confidence for long-term customer insight needs.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of Crimson Hexagon.

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