A Watershed Event: Crimson Hexagon to Merge with Brandwatch

We began Crimson Hexagon over 11 years ago, with little more than an academic algorithm and an idea for how to apply it: Helping companies understand their customers and markets using insights from the exploding world of public user-generated content.

From that inauspicious beginning in a small office in Cambridge, we expanded our product and use cases, helping our customers understand brand perception, campaign performance, and consumer trends. We developed unrivaled artificial intelligence capabilities to uncover insight from text and images. We amassed the “world’s largest focus group” of over 1.2 trillion pieces of public content from over a billion people. And we gained thousands of customers around the world, including many of the world’s best-known brands.

During all this time, a few thousand miles away another company was pursuing the same vision: Brandwatch. For over a decade we’ve watched and learned from each other as competitors as we grew our companies. Each regarded the other as the competitor they most admired.

Now the competitors are becoming one. The merger of Crimson Hexagon and Brandwatch will give us far greater scale (of customers, employees, and revenue) and breadth (of AI, analytics, data, and services) than either company had alone. Most importantly, it will bring our combined customers the most valuable consumer insights into their products, marketing, and service.

This will be a big change, and change can be hard. There are some things we’ll give up in time as a result of this merger, like the coolest company name in the world. But what we’re not giving up is Crimson’s amazing team, technology, customers, and culture. And in fact, those will only get better, as we combine with the equally amazing people and products of Brandwatch.

I’m very proud of all that we’ve accomplished, and all the Crimsonites past and present who helped us reach this point. And alongside that pride is incredible excitement about what will happen next.  You can learn more about some of what’s to come in the near term by reading this FAQ.

Chris Bingham

CTO, Crimson Hexagon

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