A Campaign for Every Woman, to Change Brand Perception?

Social Shows If Levi’s New Collection and Celebrity Influencer Alicia Keys Have Won Over New Audiences

As a part of a new global campaign ‘Live in Levi’s‘ and a relaunch of the Levi’s Women’s Collection, the Levi’s brand undertook two years of research and a ‘global safari’ in which they interviewed hundreds of women to determine the direction of their relaunch. So what did their customers think? Can you really make a jean “For Every Woman”?
“For Every Woman”: But How are Consumers Actually Engaging?
Isolating conversation about Women’s Levi’s Jeans, we can see that this discussion has increased by 195% percent over the last two years on Twitter. Looking to positive and negative sentiment, positive sentiment measures at 75% and has increased by 16%.
Volume trend-with-tweets
Even better, we can break down this conversation, seeing what products are resonating and are most prevalent in this discussion. Here we can see a range of resonating interests in various styles, from boot cut to skinny jeans to shorts, as well as conversation about features of the denim (such as its stretch or slimming effects), in addition to conversation about size and even the ability to buy Levi’s off e-bay. This illuminates potential partnerships for the brand as well as areas to continue emphasizing in future marketing and advertising strategies.
Taking this a step further, we can track when people are discussing the new campaign itself, seeing over time when new audiences join the conversation. This can be especially productive around the launch of new advertising such as the Alicia Keys ad. This can even enable us to see that Levi’s new collection is a globally resonating discussion.
Levi's Global Discussion
What Are Customers Saying About the Campaign? Are they Receptive to New Brand Spokesperson Alicia Keys?
Weekly Opinion analysis trend from 2015-07-07 to 2015-10-20Isolating organic conversation about the Alicia Keys ad, we revealed which unique categories of discussion were attracting user interest. Since the launch of the ad on July 7th, the dominant category of conversation has been the Alicia Keys’s song ’28 Thousand Days,’ featured in the commercial (33%). However, around the beginning of September there was a notable shift in the discussion, when users began discussing Alicia Keys more specifically, both voicing support of the campaign and commercial (13%), as well as making jokes about the commercial and the choice of using Alicia Keys to sell jeans (20%), and crucially, expressing fatigue at repeatedly seeing the commercial (11%).
What Has Been the Campaign’s Effect on the Brand?
AffinitiesDay And Time from 2013-01-01 to 2015-07-01 (1)
In the 2.5 years before the launch of the new women’s collection and the Alicia Keys ad, we can uncover a ‘psychosocial’ profile of the brand audience, gaining a window into their relevant contextualizing interests. This can be mined to discover what messaging customers would be most interested in, and in turn, respond to most positively. In the above graphic, we can see brand interests on the left while general Twitter population interests are compared on the right. In addition to interests in other designer clothing competitors, the Levi’s brand audience has interests indicative of a younger, millennial demographic (Snapchat, High School, and Nick Cannon), and a 34x greater interest in celebrities than the general Twitter audience.  More fruitfully, we can see that the brand audience is 4x more interested in R&B, and has less interest in some other pop culture icons such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, or One Direction.
We can see here then, that social insights provide evidence for pursuing a marketing strategy using a celebrity R&B artist (as opposed to a pop artist), showing how potential hunches about audience profiles can be validated and confirmed, and how costly research endeavors can be circumvented. Even better, we can dive into the R&B interest segment, discovering top influencers and trending topics for this sector of conversation.
R&B Interest Segment
R&B interest segment breakdown
Over the last 30 days, we can track top mentions, seeing mentions of numerous R&B artists such as Janet Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Fetty Wap, and even seeing mention of the TV show ‘Empire.’ With these insights we can see opportunities for the brand for future strategy—perhaps partnering with another R&B artist or even Hip Hop artist. Recalling the brand Affinities graphic, in which Rihanna was slightly outside the reach of brand audience (falling just right of center), we can realize that partnering with an artist such as Rihanna could allow the brand to extend its reach, appealing to a wider audience and converting new customers. The same can be said for the TV show ‘Empire.’ This unique pairing of acting and the R&B interest segment would allow Levi’s to appeal to their customers who are fans of celebrities and R&B, while also targeting and converting customers with stronger interests in actors.
Comparing Affinities for Brand Audience to Campaign Audience
Looking comparatively at interests affinities for the brand audience before the campaign to the audience that engaged with the new collection and campaign, we can see how the campaign relates to the Levi’s brand audience: if it attracted the brand audience, and if it attracted any new discussers.
This graphic shows a large clustering of interests towards the center, illustrating that there are very few differentiating interests for the brand and campaign audience. Most affinities resonate with equal interest for the brand and campaign audiences, while the campaign does succeed in attracting those interested in the R&B segment more strongly. Those discussing the campaign are 2x more interested in R&B, Hip Hop, and Celebrities than those discussing the brand before the campaign. Furthermore, we can see that the campaign also picked up other interest segments. The campaign audience is 3x more interested in Luxury Goods, 6x more interested in Brooklyn, as well as 11x more interested in Soul Music, 13x more interested in Africa, and 57x more interested in Nigeria. Beyond validating the celebrity R&B influencer strategy, these insights provide a site for mining segments to target in new strategy. By understanding the audience that the campaign appealed to, the brand can foster this new audience engagement through future efforts. With continued monitoring and insights, perhaps Levi’s can even prove that there is a jean for every woman.
Social analytics enables brands to uncover insights that can tell them if their campaign push and celebrity marketing strategy have helped expand their brand’s market appeal—engaging and winning over new sectors of customers and advocates—as well as enables for future discovery of customer product concerns, relevant influencers, and potential partnerships, serving as an alternative to time intensive and costly research studies and focus groups.

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