6 Things We Love About Our New Headquarters

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-1-24-52-pmIt’s been proven time and time again: happy employees do great work.
Here at Crimson Hexagon, we believe this to our core. Which is why, when we starting growing rapidly after another round of funding (humblebrag), we knew we needed to find a bigger, better space to house all of our new employees.
Our executive leaders ultimately decided 253 Summer was the right spot to make Crimson’s new global headquarters.

Is our new office serving its purpose? Data-driven decisions are in our blood, so we took a poll to see what aspects of the new office our employees love most:
img_4454sm1. Stand or Sit, To Your Heart’s Desire – There’s a lot of research explaining how sitting constantly is a terrible thing for your general health and well-being. Our new office features adjustable desks for every employee.

2. One Space Does Not Fit All
– Conference rooms and calling booths are coveted spaces for sales and services professionals who want to work privately. In this environmental upgrade, we included a variety of workspaces to suit every department’s needs to make sure our calls to clients and potential clients are clear and professional, to plan our campaigns and so much more.  Finding answers to today’s top data questions is no easy feat, so we added Ideapaint to many of our walls, for capturing those “eureka” moments the second they arise.
3. Location Location Location –
Employees are loving the new proximity to South Station (just over the Congress Street bridge) which is excellent for commuting, as well as the beautiful views of the Fort Point channel. Working near great local restaurants and in an open concept space, with plenty of room to hunker down and a lot of natural light, there’s a lot that makes this spot a dream come true for our young, tech-loving people. 
4. Hexagons everywhere – The story behind our name is a great one, and we wanted to embrace it in our new space. Hexagons have been added throughout the office design in subtle spaces to remind us of our roots. You’ll find them in meeting rooms, kitchens and even on the ceilings!
img_4464sm img_4468sm
5. Foooooood – In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, before people can meet “self-actualization,” they require basic needs to be covered first, like not stressing out about how you’re going to eat every day when you’re absorbed in your work.
Here at Crimson, we have bi-monthly lunches, team outings, and some of Boston’s best grub right outside our doors in Fort Point. Oh, and two stocked kitchens with gourmet coffee and healthy snacks to help make sure everyone gets what they need to succeed.
6. Stop, Collaborate and ListenCrimson Hexagon is a collaborative and democratic business. We work together to make the strongest product solutions in the social media analytics market today. Areas in our office like our two kitchens and our open forum, called the Arena, allow for intelligence and creativity when building these solutions. 
We couldn’t be happier to be in our new headquarters here in Boston, and we’re excited to officially show it to the world. We invite everyone to explore it when Stephanie Newby, our CEO, presents it via Facebook live later today. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/crimsons-hq

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