6 Analyst Reports About Social Media Data To Read Now

In the first eight months of 2015, we’ve seen numerous reports, blogs and updates from analyst firms focused on social media data and how brands and agencies should use it to make better business decisions. While these publications each stress different aspects of the social listening landscape, most mention the importance of moving past the noise to capture and apply real insights. Listening is not enough. Data collection is not enough. Successful enterprises act on what they hear and gather – they put all that information to work for better customer engagement, conversion, retention and more.
Want to learn how to use social insights to inform your strategic business decisions? Check out this advice from the experts:

  1. Measure and Manage Brand Health, Forrester, January

The process of managing brand health is complicated by volume, velocity, visibility and volatility – the four V’s that jeopardize companies’ ability to act on their data sources. In this report from Tracy Stokes, Reineke Reitsma and Elizabeth Perez, Forrester looks at how the data deluge affects marketers’ ability to improve brand experience.

  1. Understand The Enterprise Listening Platform Landscape, Forrester, January

The market for social listening is growing. In this report update, Forrester’s Allison Smith, Mary Pilecki and Rebecca McAdams evaluate which tools offer the best support for social intelligence programs.

  1. Use Social Data To Improve Your Social Marketing Maturing, Forrester, January

For brands to advance their social marketing, they need to not only inform programs with customer insights, but also to convert social data into insights that help them win and retain customers. Forrester’s Kim Celestre, Nate Elliott, Allison Smith, Mary Pilecki and Collin Colburn discuss how brands are improving the efficacy of their social marketing with data.

  1. The Nine Types of Social Applications to Consider for Your CRM Team, Gartner, April

Gartner’s Jenny Sussin and Jason Daigler look at how social applications can support CRM and, by extension, business goals.

  1. Customer Experience Analytics for Marketing, Gartner, May

Marketing analytics was once about examining a single channel or a single campaign. Today, analysis needs to consider overall customer engagement, including the customer’s journey and voice. In this report from Gartner’s Martin Kihn, the firm looks at the two main ways marketers are now leveraging analytics.

  1. Evaluate and Evolve Social Intelligence, Forrester, May

Tracking conversations online is one thing; using the data from those conversations to lead to real business value is quite another. In this report from Forrester’s Allison Smith, Mary Pilecki, Samantha Ngo and Rebecca McAdams, the analysts examine the components of social intelligence and how it can be used to inform business strategy and resolve business questions.
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