5 Reasons Why Tumblr Is Taking Over Digital Marketing

Social Media Analytics Highlight the Strengths Threatening Online and Offline Competitors

From July 13th to the 16th, many of the world’s top fashion designers, models, celebrities, and fashionistas descended upon New York City for the first annual New York Fashion Week for Men. The inaugural event was designed to showcase American fashion designers’ Spring/Summer 2016 collections on a global stage.
One way the catwalk at Skylight Clarkson Square was brought to a worldwide audience was through social media. In addition to the event’s hashtag, #NYFWM, Tumblr took on an innovate native marketing strategy by hiring up-and coming-bloggers to post about the event.

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Although the hashtag #NYFWM was used over 73k times on Twitter and only 16k times on Tumblr over the 4 day event, Tumblr’s digital marketing strategy seems to be paying huge dividends for Tumblr and brands interested in pursuing a new digital marketing strategy. These 5 benefits highlight how Tumblr is differentiating itself from other social media platforms and more traditional forms of marketing and advertising.

Partnering with on-the-rise bloggers

During New York Fashion Week: Men’s Tumblr recruited innovative creators to cover the excitement that took place on the runway and behind the scenes by posting content on the social media platform. Their posts included the #NYFWM hashtag and offered Tumblr users a fresh perspective on the event. These posts contributed to Tumblr use and advertising value because they generated conversation, attracted new users, and produced interesting content that will continue to benefit the brands in the future.

Offering customers lasting content

Unlike other social media platforms, Tumblr offers brands long lasting content. This is due to the fact that posts may be reblogged and shared as long as there are users interested in the content. Search tags also provide lasting longevity as posts resurface indefinitely. Behind-the-scenes content from the first #NYFWM may continue to resurface year after year as attendees and fans reminisce about the past and prepare for the future.

Sharing GIFS, videos, photos, and illustrations

The old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, continues to be relevant in today’s world of digital marketing. With access to an abundant number of graphics, brands can keep customers engaged, create brand loyalty, and attract new fans as content is shared across social media channels and platforms. Tumblr’s #NYFWM bloggers maximized the value of content by sharing high-quality graphics that brought the event to life and will continue to be reblogged and shared for many fashion seasons to come.

Reaching Millennials

Tumblr offers brands direct access to millions of Millennials who have incorporated the social media platform into their daily lives. In fact, due to Tumblr’s design, content, and users, it has become increasingly popular. The #NYFWM bloggers highlight all three of these aspects since they are youthful users who create content geared towards a likeminded audience. Tumblr’s design allows users to follow these new influencers and continue sharing the content that they create.

Transforming budding influencers to brand representatives

Finally, Tumblr’s recruitment efforts have proven to be lucrative for Tumblr, creators, and brands. Past and present creators are being hired by companies who have been impressed with their content creation. This trend highlights the value that their posts bring to brands on social media as well as the potential future of new digital marketing strategies. In the present, it is clear that partnerships are healthy and growing.
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