5 Reasons Why You Need Social Metrics

As social media and analytics tools continue to grow in popularity and accessibility, firms both big and small are getting into social media monitoring. Marketers and advertisers have access to an increasing number of social metrics that help them track brand, product, and industry trends over multiple social media platforms. Offering a winning combination of unsurpassed efficiency and precision, ForSight metrics keep marketers prepared for all occasions.

1.  Measure Social Media Engagement 

You can keep track of your brand’s social media engagement with a variety of different metrics. You can measure follower volume and watch how it changes over time, allowing you to determine what campaigns or events create the largest jumps in volume. You can also analyze how consumers are engaging with your brand by measuring the number of Retweets, Replies, and total impressions your published content earns. With these insights, you can manage your social media presence and maximize impressions and positive engagement.
5 Reasons Engagement

2.  Keep an Eye on the Competition

You can use Monitors to measure conversation sentiment and subject matter in order to understand how people feel about your brand, product, and industry. Monitors can be used to measure what people are saying about your products as well as competitors’. Not only can you measure positive and negative sentiment, you can also identify what people are saying with user defined categories. Determining what consumers value the most will help you align yourself with current and potential customers and differentiate your brand from the competition.
5 Reasons Opinion

3. Locate Potential Customers

Identifying where consumers are located with geographic metrics allows you to measure the success of regional campaigns and search for new audiences in likely and unlikely areas. You can build on your geographic metrics with Affinities which can help you determine where consumers are spending time and money. Discovering what interests separate your audience from social media users in general will help you design more efficient campaigns. Affinities can guide a campaign’s content and media planning strategy with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before.
5 Reasons Affinities and World

4. Spot Emerging Trends

You can also monitor social media trends and include popular topics of conversation in your marketing campaigns. With access to historical data, you can analyze the duration of similar trends as well as the fluctuations in conversation volume and changes in sentiment. Combining your brand conversation with carefully-selected trending topics will boost brand engagement as your brand is incorporated into the ongoing conversation.
5 Reasons Volume

5. Get to Know Your Audience

Finally, interest segments offer you the opportunity to investigate your customers’ interests in even greater depth. You can gain access to metrics on top mentions and hashtags within the segment as well as influencers and shared interest segments. These insights can help you track who and what your customers are following on social media and create campaigns that are attuned to consumer interests.
5 Reasons Segments
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