5 Fun Facts for World Emoji Day

Analyzing emojis to uncover how consumers are using them

To celebrate World Emoji Day, we decided to find some facts about how people use emojis online. Have you ever wondered what the most used emoji is? What about which emojis are used during the holidays? How about which brands are most often mentioned within specific emoji conversations?

For this analysis, we only looked at unique emojis when looking at more specific conversations, which we defined as any emoji that is not a face-emoji or a heart-emoji, to provide a more diverse set of top emojis.

Most Popular Emoji

When looking for the most popularly used emoji online, we find out that it is the laugh-crying emoji.

Emoji Use Throughout the Year

Looking at emoji use per month, we found the top unique emojis used correspond heavily to major holidays or events. Holidays dominate the emoji use for January, February, March, July, October, November, and December. In June and August, summer emojis are used as holidays aren’t as frequent during the summer months.

World Cup Emojis

The World Cup just wrapped up in Russia with France claiming the title for the first time in decades. The top emojis used in this conversation were the soccer ball, a trophy, and the French flag.

Plane Emoji

Where in the world are people using the plane emoji? Turns out, the plane emoji is dominated by Asian cities, where 6 of the top 10 are within Asia. Three of the remaining top four are within the Americas, and only London makes it from Europe.

Emojis are one of the newest ways to understand consumers. Whether it’s searching for a plane emoji to see where people are flying, a burger emoji being dominated by McDonald’s, or different emojis being associated with different holidays, emojis offer insights into consumer behavior. For more information on emoji-analysis, check out this blog: What is Emoji Analysis?

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