4 Reasons Why a Best-In-Class Solution Makes the Best Investment for Social Analytics

Social analytics companies make a lot of claims about their products. They are 100% accurate; they can meet all your social media marketing needs. But social data is important to so much more than just the marketing team. This is why it’s so important to take social intelligence to the next level, and leverage its insights throughout the enterprise.
At Crimson Hexagon, we believe social data (organized, easily retrievable, abundant data), can provide insight for today’s top businesses, helping them make better, more strategic decisions to advance their brands. So why should a company choose a best-in-class social analytics software like Crimson? Here are four simple reasons:

  1. The best brands are already using them as a consumer insights repository.

If you aren’t using social data in conjunction with your other metrics for success, you’re missing out on a huge source of untapped resources of consumer voices. No one needs to tell users to express themselves anymore: social gives a frustrated or concerned customer a public forum to express every thought that crosses their minds. Understanding the why behind these posts allows brands to redefine their social and public strategies to meet their audiences’ needs.
ex: Some global brands that have already integrated social analytics best-in-class across the enterprise. Take a look at some of the leaders of industry that have already built out extraordinary social analytics solutions and insights to support their enterprise strategies.

  1. A flexible, reliable data platform offers the largest pool of insights.

gartner chart
(Note Crimson’s capabilities in the information sources spreadsheet, provided by Gartner’s Market Guide to Social Analytics, 2015.)
The best social analytics platforms have applications across the enterprise. By finding a social analytics platform that’s uniquely flexible for researching data, you’ve opened up a whole new set of questions you’re able to ask the data. And you won’t need to pay additional overhead. Thanks to Crimson Hexagon’s indexed data library of over 850 billion posts, all the data available to query is ready to use. As the leader in text analytics and data information sources, Crimson allows you to evaluate the success of a campaign, benchmark against competitors, and target unbranded market conversations with patented sentiment analytics that go far beyond the standard (and sometimes lacking) auto-sentiment solutions available in the market today.

  1. Engagement and Analytics exist in different (social) worlds; there’s value in both.

If you’re already comfortable with your engagement software, great. Crimson’s platform integrates with the top social engagement publishing platforms in the social space. But our goal is to democratize consumer insights, and that relies on the use of unstructured consumer data in and outside of marketing.
We know that customer needs are always changing. This is why Crimson Hexagon’s customers are incorporated into our engineering and design team’s strategic planning. As our product grows and advances, Crimson’s excellence in customer satisfaction has helped us maintain our industry-leading position. This ensures we continue to stay a leader in the space.

  1. Picking a leader in consumer analytics can take your business strategies from 0 to 60.

By using social analytics to inform new business strategies, marketers and analyst can evolve to become analytics experts. We work with some of the most savvy digital agencies and brands in the world to help them leverage our tool to find unique insights.
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