4 Reasons Twitter Uses Crimson Hexagon To Analyze Its Own Network

A Video with Ali Tercek, Senior Marketing Advertising Researcher, Twitter

Few things are more valuable to Twitter than its vast trove of data. The innovative tech company has built some powerful homegrown tools to help them harness this critical resource, but they also rely on reliable tech partners to help them store, analyze and visualize that data. One of those partners is Crimson Hexagon.
We recently sat down with Ali Tercek, Senior Marketing Advertising Researcher at Twitter, to discuss the 4 reasons Twitter uses Crimson Hexagon to analyze its own data.

1. Breadth of Data

Crimson has been storing public tweets since 2010, which allows Twitter to use its own historical data to uncover trends, track campaigns over time, and create comprehensive reports for brands advertising on their platform. Ali loves having access to our over 1-trillion post library and says,

“Crimson Hexagon Allows Us To Be More Educated About Our Platform ”

2. Machine Learning Technology

In 2015 Twitter partnered with Dove to launch #SpeakBeautiful, a campaign to inspire positive conversation around body image.
Utilizing Crimson Hexagon’s Brightview ™ algorithm, Twitter was able to show a shift in the conversation by categorizing tweets based on negative or positive conversation about self. They were able to prove to Dove how the conversation about beauty and self image shifted month over month, as well as how the campaign performed over the year. Dove was thrilled with the results, which echoes the sentiment of other clients, who hold our 92% correlation accuracy as the status quo for identifying nuances of conversation.

3. Deeper Levels of Sentiment Analysis

People express a lot of emotions on Twitter. This spectrum of emotions is important for Twitter clients who want to know how consumers feel about their brand, a specific campaign, or even a general concept – like public opinion of self driving cars for instance. Crimson Hexagon allows Twitter to analyze these emotional nuances to help brands get this full picture and not just paint in broad strokes. Or, as Ali says, “the standard positive, negative, neutral doesn’t cut it.”

4. Best In Class Technology, Best In Class Services

Twitter has found that anyone, from the most junior analysts, up to the most advanced research managers, can quickly build reports for their brand advertisers using Crimson’s platform. Ali explains that it’s really easy to filter, add different keywords, and is surprised more brands are not using it today.
It’s not just the platform that keeps Twitter coming back to Crimson. They have been building more customized reports with Crimson’s analyst team for over 5 years. Ali loves working with the analysts, and says they are always able to address her needs and maximize her spend.

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