4 Analyst Reports on Social Data to Read This Weekend

Even when we try to disconnect over the weekend, it’s always a good idea to catch up on some valuable reading that we may’ve missed. With 2016 just beginning, analysts looked backward and forward to understand how social media data and insights evolved this year and how they’ll advance next year. Social media data has vast unrealized potential. Forging into the new year, companies want platforms and technologies that analyze data from prominent social networks and produce meaningful insights that can influence every aspect of the enterprise, from human resources and marketing to operations and product development.
If you need some guidance on identifying the social analytics platform for your company, check out these expert reports on the marketplace:
1. Market Guide: Social Analytics Applications for IT Leaders, Gartner, October
As defined by Gartner, social analytics is the process of collecting, measuring, analyzing and interpreting the results of interactions and associations among people, topics and ideas to make informed strategic business decisions. Gartner provides analysis on the leading social analytics solutions focused on text analytics, sentiment analysis and public-facing social media data, naming Crimson Hexagon, ”one of the most asked after social analytics application providers of 2015.”
2.  Market Guide for Social Analytics, Gartner, November
Part of integrating social insights into the enterprise is ensuring data is deep and wholly relevant. Getting there means using as many sources as possible to glean insights and develop analytics. In this report, Gartner highlight the Crimson Hexagon’s utilization of all available information sources, including social media, blogs, forums, news and more. When companies have data pulled from all available sources, they can stay ahead of trends and coming developments in their industry and use historical data to appeal to new business opportunities and gain flexibility.
3. Predicts 2016: Intelligent Marketing Technology Will Bring Generational Change, Gartner, November
Measuring how often social users discuss a topic or brand name on social media is one thing. However, real data and social insight need to measure attitudes and opinions just as thoroughly. The technologies that take social analysis to the next level do exactly that. In this report, Gartner points to Crimson Hexagon as a technology in the sector that enables marketers to measure attitudes and opinions of a target audience based solely on their behavior on the Web.
4. Combine Systems of Insight and Engagement for Contextual Marketing, Forrester, October
Marketing and marketers have both become increasingly sophisticated and capable of using new technologies to make decisions. Contextual marketing systems that leverage detailed insight and engagement give marketing teams a powerful tool to assess audience and market sentiments. In this report, marketers can learn of the technologies they need for a truly customer-centric marketing department and the options available to them in the market.
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