3 Ways Brands Can Uncover New Audience Insights in Tumblr Data

As a newly minted Preferred Analytics Partner, Crimson Hexagon is powering Tumblr’s very own content discoveries and delivering previously unknown audience insights for the network with the fastest growing user base in Social Media. Tumblr has long been viewed as a potentially rich data source for emerging consumer segments, and Crimson will now offer “data-rich/insight-poor” brands a lens to explore, visualize, and discover untapped value to better inform the planning of more successful content marketing strategies.

Explore the Social Min(e)d

A glance at how Tumblr currently markets its own content to marketers demonstrates just how marketers should take a page from their playbook and aim to emulate the mining of engagement for audience insights. On a daily basis, Tumblr serves content recommendations to users packaged in its own Tumblr blogs such as marketr and fandometrics as well as email notifications capturing:
“Explore what’s trending on Tumblr”
“5 blogs we <3‏”
“Today’s trending topics”
“Trending blogs of right now: These 5”
Always delivering bleeding edge topics and trends of what’s current right now, Tumblr makes timely and relevant content suggestions to its own audience so users can be plugged into the pulse of exactly what’s hot at this moment: top movies, TV shows, music, celebrities, style, and pop culture memes. This engine is driven by key engagement measures including frequency of tags, searches, reblogs, and likes, and more engagement translates into more time spent living in the platform.
 Brett Tumblr Blog Image 7-13-15

Visualize More Effective Content Strategies

Tumblr is recognized as a haven for an increasingly visual, flowing tapestry of creative and inspiring rich media like hi-res photos and GIFs. A growing body of research also suggests that our eyes hold great influence over our minds. “Seeing is believing”, as vision provides 85% of the info we take in about the world around us, and the visual system requires 65% of our brain pathways.
All of that is to say: when we’re experiencing a message told through images and photos, we tend to be more actively engaged and stimulated. Photos shared across social platforms get +13% higher click thru performance on average, and also inspire more sharing (retweets, reblogs).

In other words, we’re really excited about new content positioning from image-rich data.

Discover the Where and How of Audience Engagement

As with most social platforms, it also goes without saying that mobile has proven an obvious driver of growth within the predominant Tumblr user segment: the age 25-34 Millennial set. While 6 out of 10 social users still access networks via a PC/laptop, mobile is the primary means for more than 50% of users across the entirety of social Millennials 16-34.
Armed with the where and how components for Tumblr engagement, brands are enabled to plan and execute stronger campaigns by crafting more targeted marketing messages and content strategies closely aligned with this emerging audience demographic.
To learn more about how Crimson Hexagon is innovating with Image analysis for stronger content strategies, read our recent blog on brand logo detection capabilities.
For an even deeper understanding of how to use Tumblr data analysis for your brand today, review our Tumblr data webinar, hosted by Errol Apostolopoulos, our VP of Product. 

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