10 Insights From 10 Years of Social Media Data

Looking back at social media data from the past ten years for insights

Today marks the 10th anniversary of when we started collecting social media data for analysis way back in 2008. The best part is we now have ten full years of data to look back on and analyze for insights on any brand, audience, or topic. Since 2008, we’ve added many other data sources like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, blogs, forums, reviews and many more, but it all started with Twitter.

If you logged onto Twitter ten years ago you might have seen tweets about Lil Wayne’s hot new mixtape, the “Sex and the City” movie, or promising presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama, among many other hot topics of the moment.

Today, the tweets might be about K-Pop band BTS and their new single, President Trump’s latest tweets of the day, and anticipation for the release of “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

But regardless of what people are posting, there’s no denying that social media has become a more ingrained part of daily life. So how has it changed in the last decade?

To mark the milestone of ten years of Twitter data, we looked back to answer some questions like:

  • What are Twitter’s most used emojis?
  • How have the demographics of Twitter users changed?
  • What brand logos have appeared most in images on Twitter?


Here are 10 insights from the 10 years of data:

1. The most liked tweet

2. The most retweeted tweet

3. The most tweeted emojis

4. The most followed Twitter accounts

5. Twitter age demographics since 2008

6. Twitter’s most popular countries (per capita)

7. The most popular brand logos in Twitter images

8. Twitter emotion over time

9. Sports popularity on Twitter

10. The most tweeted about social movements


For more insights from our data library of over one trillion posts, check out our insights hub here: What can you do with one trillion posts?

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