How consumer insights can help automotive brands keep pace with industry trends

Crimson Hexagon provides consumer insights that help automakers understand changing car-buying preferences, gain valuable competitive insights, and develop ads that engage. As the auto industry is transformed by new technology, automakers that listen closely to the voice of the consumer will be the ones that thrive.  Social media data can provide the insights that auto brands need to build the cars that consumers want to buy and create campaigns that work.

Automotive brands use Crimson's consumer insights platform for:

  • Brand Analysis

    Measure brand health and determine what’s driving perception about specific products
  • Customer Care

    Automatically surface and classify customer inquiries at massive scale
  • Competitive Analysis

    Compare your brand to top competitors’ audience, brand perception, and share of voice
  • Industry Analysis

    Uncover consumer trends in your market and understand your evolving industry landscape

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