Social Media Analysis of Key Trends in the Auto Industry

Are consumers ready for self-driving cars? How has the conversation around Tesla evolved? How do consumers really feel about the top selling car brands?
It likely won’t be long before you can order an electric, self-driving Uber with the tap of a button. Anytime an industry undergoes such a dramatic transformation, important questions need to be answered, and the auto industry is no exception.
We looked at millions of social media conversations to understand the biggest trends affecting the auto industry, how the top selling brands compare to each other, and what consumers want in a car.

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Self-Driving Cars

Consumer reactions to autonomous vehicles

As recently as a few years ago, self-driving cars seemed like more dream than reality. But in the last few years, technological advances, evolving laws, and the growing ubiquity of AI have helped self-driving cars gain momentum. But this isn’t all welcome news. Fears of hacking, news of accidents, and economic concerns are combining to cast doubt over the development of truly autonomous vehicles. All this raises a natural question: How do consumers feel about self-driving cars?

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Self-Driving Highlights

Eco-Friendly Vehicles

How consumers view electric, hybrid, and other eco-friendly cars

These days, it’s not a question of if the auto industry will go green but when. But the real question is about how we get there. Will future cars rely more on electric or hybrid power? Will existing auto giants remake their images in time or be supplanted by eco-friendly startups like Tesla? Underlying all these questions is the ultimate factor: the consumer. How are American consumers processing (and talking about) the changes to their vehicles?

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Eco-Friendly Highlights

The Rise of Ridesharing

How Uber and Lyft are transforming the auto landscape

Over the last several years, ridesharing services have become an incredibly popular topic of conversation on social platforms. In 2010, taxis outpaced ridesharing as a conversation topic on social at a rate of nearly 20 to 1. Fast forward to 2016, and the conversation has essentially done a 180: Uber and Lyft make up nearly two-thirds of the overall discussion. But what is the conversation like? How do consumers feel about the rise of ridesharing?

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Ridesharing Highlights

Top 5 Auto Brands

Social media analysis of the top auto brands in the US and UK

Despite the mounting disruption in the auto industry, 2016 was still the best year for car sales ever. But how do consumers feel about the top selling brands? How do the conversations about top auto brands compare to each other in terms of topics, sentiment, emotion, audience, and more? We analyzed the social media conversation around the top-selling auto brands in the US and UK to learn what consumers are saying about each brand.

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Top Brand Highlights

Tesla: Driven to Disruption

How consumers are talking about Tesla

The story of Tesla, Inc. is one of the most intriguing and unprecedented company tales in American commercial history. As Tesla’s brand cements itself in the auto industry, and inserts itself into the global car conversation, social media becomes an increasingly powerful way to understand the company’s past, present and future. How does Tesla’s social buzz translate into sales? What Tesla features are consumers most excited about? What hesitations do consumers have about purchasing a Tesla?

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Tesla Highlights

The Ideal Car

What consumers want most in a new car

What do consumer want most in a new car? We analyzed millions of social conversations about cars to source a list of top features and attributes that today’s buyers believe make up the “perfect vehicle.”

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