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Crimson Hexagon's Audience Analysis

Using Crimson Hexagon, we took a two week analysis process and condensed our results in less than an hour, refining our reach to intended audiences and providing relevant content for advertising strategies.

– Matt Kautz, Head of Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Research at Machinima

Comparing the audience of two beauty brands

Understanding your target audience’s interests is necessary to create relevant and engaging campaigns. Using our Affinities™ tool, you can compare a specific audience’s interests to another audience or the rest of social media.
Here you can see an analysis of the interests of two competing brands that sell makeup subscription boxes, ipsy and BirchBox. The interests of ipsy fans — Justin Bieber, Snapchat and Glee — compared to those of BirchBox fans — parenting, management and entrepreneurship — make it clear that ipsy fans are a younger group than BirchBox fans.
Each company can use these insights to both create more targeted campaigns for their existing fan base or create new targeted campaigns to go after the competition’s audience.

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