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How To: Geofencing in ForSight

Best practices for your keyword structure and filtering
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How To: Dashboards in Crimson Hexagon

Common use cases for Dashboards
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Best Practices: Tracking Influencers

Understanding influencers through Crimson Hexagon
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How To: Reports in Crimson Hexagon

Using the Platform to build, send, and schedule reports


Best Practices: Logo Recognition/Image Analytics

Using Crimson Hexagon’s built-inĀ logo recognition and premium image analytics

Best Practices and Training Resources

Add Instagram Hashtags for Tracking
Add Instagram Hashtags to targeted content BEFORE you need them! When setting up a new Instagram hashtag you will be able to start collecting 30 days of historical data, or 300,000 posts, whichever comes first, from the day you request the hashtag. You can add hashtags at either the monitor of the Team level using Targeted Content ‘By Keyword’.

Add Social Account Credentials
Avoid rate limits by having as many team members as possible add credentials or confirm they are authorized. Any user with Data Management permissions can add their credentials. (Contact your local admin for permission changes, if needed). You can view a full list of the currently authorized credentials for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by selecting your user icon in the upper right corner, then Team Admin and “Credentials” on the left of the screen.

Enable LiveStream
Turn on optional LiveStream for updates to your most important and timely monitors every 10 minutes.

Boolean Keyword Optimization Framework
Offers Boolean tips and tricks.

Content Request for Crimson’s Data Library
As Crimson Hexagon does not have an exhaustive list of all Internet data in our content library, we are happy to add new sources when possible. For some web pages, we can often ass them through one of our content collection partners if requested. Not all sites may be available this way, but we will do our best to gather them for you. Request times vary. Approximate estimates are 1 week for blogs, 1-2 weeks for News, and 4 weeks for Forums/Reviews.

New User Guide
This guide will help new users of the Crimson Hexagon platform understand the capabilitiesĀ of social media analytics, learn about the different products and features, as well as teach users how to navigate.

Foundations Training Series
This series is geared towards new users and covers best practices for building Monitors with Crimson Hexagon.

Analysis Guides

Step-by-step guides that outline how to best approach the top 5 analysis use cases