AI-Powered Consumer Insights

Using Crimson Hexagon to understand consumer behavior

Thousands of consumer conversations about your brand and products are taking place online every day. Your brand also has a massive amount of unstructured consumer data from support tickets, call transcripts, reviews, surveys and more. All of this information can help you better understand consumer preferences, but the sheer volume and unstructured nature of the data can make it challenging to decode. Crimson Hexagon’s AI-powered platform automatically surfaces consumer insights from these vast sources of data, faster than ever.  
Crimson Hexagon’s industry-leading consumer insights platform gives you instant access to the world’s largest collection of public online consumer conversations. Our AI-powered platform can analyze this online data from social media, forums, blogs, reviews, and more in tandem with your enterprise-held consumer data to give you the full picture of your brand perception, target audience, campaign performance, competitive intelligence, and industry trends.  

Understand consumer opinion on any topic

  • Identify and understand audiences, influencers, and personas
  • Measure brand health and determine what’s driving perception
  • Monitor and analyze campaign performance and consumer response
  • Uncover consumer trends and understand evolving industry landscapes
  • Track the perception, audience, and activities of your competitors

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