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How to Drive More Revenue by Leveraging Social Listening

Machine learning and AI can uncover deeper insights that drive more business

How consumer insights can help agencies deliver exceptional results

Crimson Hexagon provides agencies with the consumer insights necessary to win business and create high-performing campaigns. Agencies need a deep understanding of the target consumer to execute successful campaigns. Whether pitching a potential client or perfecting a campaign for an existing one, top global agencies use Crimson Hexagon to understand what motivates the target audience for any brand.

How Social Chain uses consumer insights to optimize campaigns

“Working with Crimson Hexagon was like switching the lights on.”
– Steve Bartlett, CEO at Social Chain


Agencies use Crimson's consumer insights platform for:

  • Measure brand health and mentions for clients
  • Track campaign performance and optimize in real time
  • Identify audience segments, demographic profiles and interests
  • Uncover consumer trends and evolving preferences in every industry

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