Social Media Monitoring

Today’s marketers seek to monitor their social accounts while tracking the broader online conversation. ForSight™’s social media monitoring tools provide marketers with metrics and trends from earned and owned media.

Tracking Topics of Conversations

Using topic clustering technology, Topic Waves identifies clusters of topics increasing or decreasing in a conversation without any training required. Topic Waves analysis enables marketers to automatically monitor topics and themes of social media conversations related to events or campaigns and to discover new topics as they emerge.

Topic Waves Social Media Monitoring

Consider a hashtag campaign. With Topic Waves, you can identify the themes being discussed in the context of the hashtag.  Are you losing control of the message? Or discover opportunities to incorporate consumers’ new uses of your message into your next social media campaign.

Topic Wheels offer another view of frequent terms and prevalent themes in a social media conversation. The inner rings represent frequently used terms and the outside rings provide a more granular look at words and terms and how they relate to the topics of conversation. With just a click, filter the Topic Wheel by sentiment or category to drill down further into one theme or topic of the online conversation.

Social media monitoring topic wheel

Twitter Metrics

Build an analysis of Twitter conversation on any topic, and ForSight automatically displays the top mentions, hashtags, and Retweets regarding that topic. Identify terms and Twitter users that are discussed alongside your company or product, and discover the most popular Tweets.

With Twitter impressions, track the reach of your social media messages and campaigns over time.

Social Media Twitter Monitoring

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