ForSight™ Platform

The ForSight™ social media analytics platform offers a suite of technologies, algorithms, metrics, and data visualizations to provide the most actionable consumer insights on the market.

With our unique mix of best-in-class social media analysis technologies, you can discover what consumers are saying about your company, brand, or product and why they hold those opinions.

Understand What Consumers are Saying and Why

Why settle with merely measuring positive and negative sentiment if you can uncover the themes of consumer opinion and drivers of sentiment from global social media sources? Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ platform charts the category proportions of unstructured text using advanced text analysis and data visualizations.

Forsight  platform opinion analysis

Discover Emerging Trends and Topics

Top Retweets, hashtags, and mentions in analysis of conversation and engagement on Twitter indicate popular topics and Tweets and the reach of social media campaigns.

Website Twitter Metrics 2

Understand Who is Talking… And Where

ForSight platform key influencer identification and scoring let you identify the most prominent and prolific authors talking about your relevant topics and themes. The influence scores you find in ForSight are powered by Klout, the industry leader in online influence scoring.

Global maps identify where conversation is happening about your product, company, or campaign.

Forsight key influencer identification and scoring

Identify the Affinities of Your Audience

Good marketers want to know as much as they can about their customers. With ForSight’s Affinities, uncover the interests and passions of your consumers, and discover how the affinities of your consumers compares with your competitor. Dive into each affinity segment associated with your company or a competitor to see how consumers in different segments talk about your product or company.

Consumers who post about the bakery and restaurant Panera Bread are 3X more likely than people in general on Twitter to be interested in Miley Cyrus. Among people with an interest in Miley Cyrus talking about Panera, we find significant conversation around menu items, including soup, bread bowls, and mac and cheese.

ForSight Affinities topic wheel

If Panera wants to target younger, female consumers, a campaign or promotion around “ Panera lunch dates” for cheesy soup would be a great campaign to pursue.

ForSight Panera Affinities

Crimson Hexagon’s historical data library enables marketers to track how the landscape of online audiences changes over time and in response to campaigns. With new insights every day, Affinities supports data-driven media planning and targeted campaign messaging.

Discover What People are Posting Right Now

ForSight’s Live Stream displays social media in real time in three ways, through the streaming post list, live map, and hourly volume chart for the past 24 hours. The post list streams posts and Tweets gathered by keywords, along with the Klout score of the author. The geographic origins of posts and the relative influence of the posts’ authors register visually on the live map, indicating where conversation about your product, service, or brand is happening right now.

Forsight Live Stream

Curate Dynamic Social Media Reports in Workspaces

Use Workspaces to curate results from different analyses in ForSight. Each Workspace is a dynamic report, where new social data automatically update analysis and visualizations – assembled by you. With convenient access to important insights ready for export directly to Powerpoint or Excel, Workspaces support easy collaboration and reporting within organizations. Print and share your social media report directly from ForSight, incorporating your analysis, tracking, measurement, and social media data visualizations. Workspaces make sharing data and insights in meetings, updates, and reports easy and convenient.

Forsight platform workspaces



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