Social Analysis Technology

Delivering relevant data, information, and insights from social media requires a mix of sophisticated social analysis technologies. Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ offers many technologies in one social media analysis platform. Our technologies include a patented social analysis algorithm, a language classification algorithm, Klout influence scores, author gender analysis, and text clustering technology for visualizations.

Social media insights into conversations

Crimson Hexagon’s core technology is the BrightView opinion analysis algorithm, which uses patented aggregate methodology to determine the proportions of large, dynamic social media conversations. Developed at Harvard University, this best-in-class social analysis technology is flexible and customizable. Crimson Hexagon’s customers can use ForSight’s core technology to analyze business questions that matter to them, according to their unique industry context.

Social opinion analysis technology

Crimson Hexagon serves global customers who rely on Crimson Hexagon’s technology to analyze consumer opinion in dozens of languages. Each day, customers gather relevant social data all over the world with Crimson Hexagon’s patent-pending language classification algorithm.

Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight includes several social analysis technologies that deliver insights into who is participating in the social conversation. Klout scores, which are integrated into ForSight platform, deliver insights about the social influence of authors. In addition, ForSight includes a proprietary gender analysis for Twitter posts from the United States.

Social analysis technology insights

To represent social conversations and consumer opinion visually, we provide technology to organize the frequency, relationships, and patterns of unstructured social text in word clouds, clusters, and the Topic Wheel.

With the many social analysis technologies in the ForSight platform, Crimson Hexagon offers customers a unified and powerful tool to analyze consumer opinion, conversational reach, and influence across global markets.

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