Social Media Intelligence

Finding Actionable Insights in Social Media Data

ForSight Platform
Social media is a growing source of big data, but marketers and market researchers need the right technology and tools to hone in on signal, and filter out noise. Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ platform employs a mix of patented algorithms and technologies to deliver insights from social media data. We do not expect to you to take our word that our approach to measuring consumer opinion, brand affinity, and identifying market segments and opportunities deliver best-in-class business intelligence. We invite you to see for yourself and request a demo for more information.

Your Business Context, Your Judgment

Crimson Hexagon’s BrightView™ algorithm analyzes unstructured social media text according to your specific business question. With total customizability of each analysis, you can measure online discussion and your KPIs over time. Customized category trends enable you to evaluate how your advertising campaigns, promotions, and product launch affect each variable that matters to your business. In addition to training BrightView to analyze the online discussion about your company or product, ForSight enables quick and customizable analysis of competitors as well as evaluation of industries and markets.

A World of Truth Between Positive and Negative

In social media listening, human judgment is crucial. The shopper who tweets, “I just LOVE standing in long lines,” is not having a great retail experience. Yet, many social listening tools only hear “love” and are not sensitive to human judgement. With ForSight, your judgement about whether a post is positive or negative — or something else entirely — teaches the algorithm how to quantify the social conversation about your brand, product, or campaign.

Audience Analysis Beyond Demographics with Social Data

Audience Analysis Beyond Demographics with Social Data
Crimson Hexagon’s Affinities analysis takes your understanding of your audience to the next level, revealing the interest segments talking about your brand and the words, phrases, and example posts from consumers in each audience segment. During a brand crisis, are consumers talking about your product, or do the interests of the online audience look more like industry insiders? Knowing information about the durable interests of your audience guides powerful, targeted marketing and advertising. Take the guesswork out of media planning and plan your content and advertising with insights based on social data.
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