Oreo Comes Out In Support of Gay Rights

On June 25th, in support of Gay Pride Month, Nabisco posted a rainbow-filled version of America’s Favorite Cookie to the brand’s Facebook Timeline. The photo has generated much debate, including whispers of boycott from conservative groups.

We did a special analysis of the social conversation—including over 15,000 posts directly on Oreo’s page. According to ForSight, 67% of the 46,304 opinions surrounding the controversial cookie supported the move.

The nuance of this conversation ranged from exclamations of support:

to boycott:

The qualitative Topic Wheel helps illustrate the themes within the conversation:

Do you think Oreo was smart to weigh-in on a controversial topic? Should they have remained ambiguous instead, so as to not upset any potential customers? Let us know below or tweet us @crimsonhexagon

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The Crimson Hexagon team often collaborates to write about trending topics using our ForSight platform to conduct in-depth analysis of social conversations. For more real-time analyses, follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/crimsonhexagon

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