What We Do Drives Business Intelligence

Use Cases and Industries

Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ provides social media analytics and solutions across several key verticals. Marketers, market researchers, and agencies serving various industries look to ForSight for listening and monitoring capabilities and measurement tools that help them get their jobs done and take their team and company to the next level of social intelligence. Explore use cases and industries to learn more about how companies can take advantage of ForSight’s unique capabilities for social media listening, monitoring, and analysis to develop business and advertising strategy and measure results.

Professional Services

While most of Crimson Hexagon’s customers use ForSight as a self-service platform, some customers take advantage of the Crimson Hexagon team’s ForSight expertise for professional services, including social media analytics reporting and strategic social media analytics counsel. From Scorecard reports, providing social media metrics, to an Ecosystem report, presenting an industry-level report on competitors and market opportunity, Crimson Hexagon handles managed services for many top enterprise companies in several verticals.

Training and Support

Training Support
From skills to strategy, our training and support services have you covered. After completing the interactive training series that suits their organization, customers find a wealth of resources and strategy support at Crimson Hexagon, including the Crimson University, the Crimson Community, and Crimson Hexagon’s prompt and knowledgable Application Support Team. Our goal is to help our customers succeed.
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