Tallying-up the “Inglorious” Reception: Someday is Today

Inglorious Basterds won at the box office and dominated Twitter conversations this weekend. In addition to grossing nearly $37 million, Quentin Tarantino’s World War II-themed saga has been afixed to Twitter’s trending topics list since Friday.

Word of mouth referrals are nothing new to the movie business. But, as Simon Dumenco (@simondumenco) points out in Friday’s AdAge, Twitter brings an element of speed and reach that is entirely new – and, he argues – potentially threatening to Hollywood. To better understand Twitter content about new releases, Dumenco speculates that ‘someday soon, someone’s going to get a PhD in the statistical parsing of Twitter data streams’

Well, Mr. Dumenco, let us humbly assert that someday is today. Crimson Hexagon turned its algorithm (created by a Harvard PhD professor) loose on this weekend’s Twitter conversation about Inglorious Basterds.

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We performed the PhD magic on a sample of over 4500 Tweets from this weekend and found that:

  • 40% of all Tweets on Inglorious praised the film, with an additional 9% hailing it as classic Tarantino
  • Anticipation was still high, with almost a quarter of all Twitters talking about the movie still eager to see it
  • The critics? Quiet so far, with only 8% of Tweets expressing disappointment at Tarantino or the film
  • Finally, 14% want to know othersí opinions about the movie: Glad we could help

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Wayne St. Amand is a veteran marketing leader with a track record of significantly accelerating the growth trajectory and valuation of technology businesses. At Crimson Hexagon, St. Amand is responsible for driving business expansion through the company's global corporate and product marketing efforts.

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