Diverse Talent and Experience.

Our people, diverse, experienced
At Crimson Hexagon, our social media analysis software is our focus. Its success in helping marketing and market research professionals make better and more efficient business decisions is our common goal. Our company’s shared goal draws on and demands a diversity of talent and experience.

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At Crimson Hexagon, you will find developers, client service and business development professionals, marketers, and application support specialists. You will find professionals who come from academia, large global businesses, Wall Street, and technology startups. We work across teams to understand and serve our customer’s use cases and to build new, innovative technologies to solve business problems.

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We release new product features and improvements around 12 times per year. We are always on the move, researching, designing, and supporting the platform and helping our clients become experts in social media analytics in their industries.

We share a common passion for excellence and for building social media analytics software for marketers and market researchers.

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Together, we focus on making our clients better at their jobs and making their jobs easier, and we truly value the relationships we have built with world-class customers and organizations. From training and support to ongoing consultations, we strive to be partners with our customers. If you are interested in building social media analytics software for some of the best marketers and market researchers across industries and helping them leverage social data in strategic marketing programs and business decisions, we would like to hear from you.

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