Our Name

If you guessed that our name is an homage to the colors of Harvard where our technology was born, you are not alone. We hear that a lot.

But the truth is, Crimson Hexagon draws its name from literature.

Crimson Hexagon Library of Babel

In The Library of Babel, Jorge Luis Borges, the poet and essayist, wrote of an infinite expanse of hexagonal rooms filled with books containing every possible arrangement of letters. For every important, beautiful, or useful book in this library there exists endless volumes of gibberish.

The only way to navigate this vast sea of meaningless information is to locate the Crimson Hexagon, the one room that contains a log of every other book in the library – a guide to extracting meaning from all the unstructured information.

Crimson Hexagon aims to be that place where the chaotic and voluminous conversation becomes intelligible and useful to your business. Like the original Crimson Hexagon, our new technology can be your GPS in the world of social media, not only helping you know where you want to go, but helping you get there.

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