Proud to be Named a Key Player in the Twitter Ecosystem

No one needs to tell you that the social media landscape is incredibly diverse and immensely crowded. While we believe Crimson Hexagon is a top innovator in this very competitive class, it’s always better when someone else says it.

We were especially proud to see Crimson Hexagon included in Michael Sippey’s (@sippey) blog post about updates to the Twitter API as well as Twitter’s view of the ecosystem and several of its key players.

We can’t say it much better than @sippey, so here’s the ecosystem quadrant graphic and some direct quotes from the recent Twitter blog.

Today’s Twitter Ecosystem
Today on Twitter we see a broad and deep variety of individual developers and companies building applications using data and content from the Twitter API. Roughly speaking, we bucket these applications based on their target audience (i.e. consumers or businesses) and their core feature set (i.e. do they enable users to engage with Tweets, or do they use Tweets for data analysis purposes).

With our new API guidelines, we’re trying to encourage activity in the upper-left, lower-left and lower right quadrants, and limit certain use cases that occupy the upper-right quadrant.

On the left side of the grid are applications that are targeted at businesses.

In the lower-left quadrant, we’ve seen tremendous innovation in applications and services that serve the business market with analytics products based on Twitter content. For example, Crimson Hexagon builds actionable reports for brands, media companies and political campaigns based on the conversation on Twitter.

It’s great to see that Twitter characterizes our platform and reporting as innovative and actionable — traits our customers have experienced first-hand for years.

What do you think about the Twitter ecosystem and its evolution? Let us know below in the comments or tweet us @crimsonhexagon.

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