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Media Coverage

Crimson Hexagon’s social analysis often gives context to news stories and sheds light on what social media users are saying on business topics, current events, politics, and entertainment.

February 2015

Adweek Crimson Hexagon article

Brands Missed Social Moments During Oscars

Feb 25, 2015: One notable absence from the Oscar’s were real-time marketing moves from brands. Crimson Hexagon, a social media analytics firm, has some takeaways… MORE

Bizwomen Crimson Hexagon article

Golden Seeds founder Stephanie Newby, now CEO of Crimson Hexagon, talks Corporate Culture for Women & Big Data

Feb 23, 2015: She founded Golden Seeds to change corporate culture for women. Here’s why she left — and why she doesn’t regret it… MORE

The stars in our data: Can Facebook replace horoscopes?

The stars in our data: Can Facebook replace horoscopes?

Feb 11, 2015: Why do we love data? For the same reason we read numerology charts and horoscopes. We’re curious enough about our natural make-up that we’ll seek an understanding of our underlying patterns… MORE

McDonald Most Liked Super Bowl Ad in Latest Social Analytics

McDonald Most Liked Super Bowl Ad in Latest Social Analytics

Feb 3, 2015: McDonald Most Liked Super Bowl Ad in Latest Social Analytics… MORE

January 2015


Five tips for winning the #SuperBowl

Jan 21, 2015: Consumers now expect real-time interactions with brands during big events like the Super Bowl. You can’t predict what will happen, but here’s how to get ready… MORE

Marketing Land Crimson Hexagon article

How Brands & Agencies Are Ramping Up To Score The Next Super Bowl Touchdown On Social Media

Jan 20, 2015: The field of marketers shooting for the next Oreo moment is crowded, so we asked the experts how best to prepare…MORE

Retail Online Integration Crimson Hexagon article

4 Tips for Driving Sales on Twitter

Jan 15, 2015: When Twitter first entered the scene in 2006, few people imagined that the social network with the constant stream of flippant status updates would ever turn into a powerful force… MORE

Biz Women Biz Journal Crimson Hexagon article

5 female CEOs who get up really early — and swear by it

Jan 15, 2015: For a night owl like me, it was a tall order. This week, a friend of mine was leading a workout at 5:15 a.m. (outside…in the cold), and asked if I’d like to join… MORE

1 to 1 Media Crimson Hexagon article

Scoping the Loyalty Landscape for 2015 and Beyond

Jan 12, 2015: As brands fine-tune their customer strategies to accommodate current trends, marketers must also nurture loyalty in ways that support both the consumer journey and their ultimate destination… MORE

Forbes Crimson Hexagon article

11 Reasons 2015’s Outlook for Women Entrepreneurs Is Coming up Roses

Jan 7, 2015: Today I officially launched a crowdfunding campaign — THE VENTURE CROWD: Everything Ventured, Everything Gained, aimed at educating both sides of the financing equation — women entrepreneurs and investors… MORE

December 2014

The New York Times Article

Hollywood Tracks Social Media Chatter to Target Hit Films

December 7, 2014: Pre-Act, a way to for United Talent to arm its celebrity client’s with better data about their films discusses how the ForSight™ platform monitors Hollywood conversations. MORE

Retail touchpoints article

Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday: A Look At The Conversation Over 4 Years

December 9, 2014: Crimson Hexagon infographic on 3.5 million Black Friday tweets & more than 870,000 tweets mentioned Cyber Monday. MORE

Forbes news article

Creating Social Impact With Social Media Data

December 9, 2014: Crimson Hexagon launches its Social Impact Program, which brings its social analytics platform and services to nonprofits, educators and researchers at a reduced fee. MORE

Merit Direct article

5 Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

December 08, 2014: Not all social media best practices are good choices for marketers; here’s a breakdown of five common social myths including a quote from John Donnelly, Sr. Vice President of global sales and marketing. MORE

Search engine watch article

Facebook Upgrades Its Search Capability

December 8, 2014: Becca Lewis, manager of the product analysis team is quoted, “…for users because they’re only going to stay active and engaged in these vibrant communities as long as they’re getting a good experience MORE

November 2014

CMS Wire article

Thankful for Louis Prima, Customer Honesty, Personalization and More

November 27, 2014: Quote from Stephanie Newby, CEO, “We’re thankful for intuitive social media analytics tools that allow brands to glean insights about how customers feel, what topics resonate with them and where interest segments overlap.” MORE

Forbes Post Article

3 Public Relations Lessons Everyone Must Read

November 24, 2014: Uber sentiment analysis from Crimson Hexagon over the last week’s Uber scandel. It’s not as bad as one would expect given all of the bad publicity. MORE

Entrepreneur magazine article

For a Company to Rise Above the Rest, the CEO Must Engage on Social Media

November 19, 2014: Crimson Hexagon CEO, Stephanie Newby provides insight into why today’s CEO’s must embrace and engage within social media channels. MORE

imedia connection article

The inbound marketer’s secret weapon

November 11, 2014: John Donnelly III, Crimson Hexagon’s senior vice president, offers insight on the philosophy of inbound content marketing. MORE

Direct marketing news article

Candidates Fail Their Social Media Midterms

November 7, 2014: They didn’t select the right social networks, messages, or metrics in many cases. Other than that, they get a C for effort, says Crimson Hexagon’s customer support manager. MORE

medialife magazine

Halloween’s top candies, according to Twitter

November 2, 2014: Halloween is over, but Crimson Hexagon, a social monitoring and analytics company, offers some insight from a recent study on Twitter around most popular Halloween candies. MORE

October 2014

Politico article

Ebola Goes Viral (Pun Intended)

October 10, 2014: Crimson was mentioned in today’s Politico Pulse, specifically on health-related media and our analysis on Ebola. MORE article

Ebola Is Trending! Wait, What Does That Actually Mean?

October 9, 2014: Liz Breese interviewed/shared coverage on the Ebola US death and social conversation surrounding it. Crimson is featured prominently in this post. MORE article

A Tale of Two Games: Patriots Fans Go Through Mood Swing

October 7, 2014: Patriots sentiment analysis on Shares a visual of the sentiment analysis as well as an internal link to our ForSight page. MORE

Science Friday article

Mining the Internet for Clues to Chinese Censorship

October 3, 2014: Gary King also contributed conversation on his research on Science Friday last week and included great dialogue on Crimson Hexagon. MORE

September 2014

France24 news article

Tweets reveal anti-Americanism in Arab world

September 24, 2014: Robert Keohane, a Princeton University professor who worked on an analysis of Twitter messages from the Arab-speaking world, used Crimson Hexagon’s social intelligence platform for the report. MORE

theguardian news article

Scottish independence referendum: Ed Miliband disrupted by yes campaigners

September 16, 2014: UK: Crimson Hexagon has been looking at the social media traffic relating to Scottish independence. It found 23,399 UK tweets on the subject of independence from the 15 August 2014 to September 16, 2014. MORE

Financial Times

Yes campaign winning social media battle in Scotland, says Facebook

September 16, 2014: UK: An analysis by Crimson Hexagon found that over the past month the Yes vote has accounted for almost 90 per cent of referendum conversation on Twitter. MORE

theDrum article

Facebook to introduce Scottish indyref ‘I’m a voter’ button on referendum morning as it reaches 10m posts on the vote

September 16, 2014: UK: A report on all social media conversation since 15 August from social media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon, claims that the Yes vote dominated online conversations accounting for a massive 88 per cent of discussion. MORE

Slate news article

Arab Twitter Users Don’t Like America. But Why, Exactly?

September 3, 2014: Political scientists Amaney Jamal and Robert Keohane of Princeton and David Romney and Dustin Tingley of Harvard, worked with Crimson Hexagon to analyze the sentiment of Arabic Twitter in 2012 and 2013. MORE

Digiday article

Budweiser uses Hyperlapse in real time at Made In America festival

September 3, 2014: Crimson Hexagon supplies hashtag data, #MadeInAmerica on the topic of Budweiser’s social media marketing around the festival held simultaneously in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. MORE

August 2014

Social Media Today news article

Pinterest for Men and Women: Is There a Difference?

August 28, 2014: According Crimson Hexagon, Pinterest presents significant crossover value in social media. For instance, “1.5 Tweets were written about Pinterest” in the past three months. MORE

Pew news article

Pinterest for Men and Women: Is There a Difference?

August 26, 2014: According Crimson Hexagon, Pinterest presents significant crossover value in social media. For instance, “1.5 Tweets were written about Pinterest” in the past three months. MORE

Digiday article

Why Facebook is for ice buckets, Twitter is for Ferguson

August 20, 2014: Crimson Hexagon supplies data to compare social engagement impact between the two current events. MORE article

Ice Bucket Challenge Update: Robert Kraft Soaks Jon Bon Jovi; David Ortiz Responds

August 16, 2014: Since the middle of July there have been more than 614,380 Ice Bucket Challenge-related posts on Twitter and public Facebook pages, according to Boston-based Crimson Hexagon. MORE

Digiday article

Inside InStyle’s 20th-anniversary celebration

August 14, 2014: According to Crimson Hexagon, when Drew Barrymore made her Twitter debut with a live-tweet chat for InStyle last year, the associated hashtag #AskDrewInStyle generated over 1,300 uses that day. MORE

advertising age article

Twitter Meeting With Data Partners Signals Plans for Gnip Future

August 13, 2014: Errol Apostolopoulos, senior VP-product at social analytics firm Crimson Hexagon is quoted in discussion about Twitter enterng next data stage. MORE

Business2Community article

Social Listening Reveals a Growing Trend: Return of Vinyl

August 11, 2014: Crimson Hexagon social listening software was used to track a preliminary analysis of who is talking about vinyl records and what they are saying will expose vinyl’s role in an increasingly fast-paced industry. MORE

Business2Community article

Soccer’s Social Presence Post World Cup

August 10, 2014: Crimson Hexagon social listening software was used to measure shifts in US conversation around the world’s favorite sport. MORE

BostInno article

Infiltrating New Markets in the Gambling Industry

August 8, 2014: Crimson Hexagon social analysis insights show how brick-and-mortar casinos are a widely discussed form of gambling than new-entrant online gaming. MORE

yahoo small business article

Social Media Predicts NBA Stars’ Placement

August 1, 2014: Using Crimson Hexagon’s Affinities™ tool to track social conversations, we were able to accurately predict where both LeBron and Carmelo would likely end up. MORE

July 2014

Advertising Age article

Twitter Earnings Signal Healthy Data-Revenue Growth

July 31, 2014: Stephanie Newby, CEO comments on Twitter and expects Gnip to further diversify the data products and packages it offers in order for Twitter to attract new clients. MORE

Fourth Source article

How Social Media Analysis Can Transform Your Premiere into a Marketing Opportunity

July 18, 2014: A variety of movies have held their premieres in London this summer including the film, Godzilla. ForSight analysis found that the Twitter Handle, @GodzillaMovieUK, garnered over 1 million potential impressions MORE

Wall Street Journal article

#FOGO? — New Survey Reveals 87% of Americans have a Fear of Getting Old (FOGO)

July 16, 2014: Getting old social research study was commissioned by Pfizer Inc to assess how aging is being discussed on the social media platform Twitter and used Crimson Hexagon’s social analysis platform. MORE

Business2Community article

The Bite That Started Billions of Impressions ‘Round the World

July 11, 2014: Luis Suarez has been in the limelight recently due to his alleged biting another player in the 2014 World Cup. Crimson Hexagon weighs in with social media analysis. MORE article

Real-time Marketing Fires Up Brands During World Cup

July 11, 2014: Crimson Hexagon analysis platform contributes to article around “The Bite That Started Billions of Impressions ‘Round the World.” MORE article

Germany Will Win the World Cup (At Least According to Twitter)

July 10, 2014: According to Crimson Hexagon’s “excitement index,” which combines the team’s FIFA ranking with analytics based on social media sentiment, the World Cup champion will be Germany. MORE

Advertising Age article

Ad Data Scientists Weigh In on Facebook Research Controversy

July 1, 2014: Elizabeth B. Breese, PhD, senior content and digital marketing strategist, is quoted in her comments aobut how Facebook needs to show social data scientists it is serious in following the rules of informed consent and transparency. MORE

June 2014

Racist Tweets From Bruins Fans

Bergeron Appears Headed for Landslide Win In ‘NHL 15′ Cover Voting

June 19, 2014: ForSight analysis was used in summarizing Boston Bruins center, Patrice Bergeron, in how he appears headed to a landslide victory in the social media voting held to determine the player on the cover of EA Sports’ “NHL 15” video game. MORE

Digital Spy news about Crimson Hexagon

E3 2014: Nintendo dominates social media conversation on Twitter

June 16, 2014: About 47% of all tweets sent out during last week’s expo mentioned the gaming giant, according to social media intelligence analytics provider Crimson Hexagon. MORE

Marketing Land articles on Crimson Hexagon

#WorldCup Infographic Roundup

June 13, 2014: Biggest social sports event ever could beat Olympics and Super Bowl combined. Infographics includes Offerpop and Crimson Hexagon Infographic on social media analysis. MORE

Social media Today Crimson Hexagon article

The World Cup’s Social Media Scorecard [INFOGRAPHIC]

June 13, 2014: Billions of eyes are about to be trained on Brazil for the next month, whether it is through televisions sets, in stadium seats — or now more than ever, through smartphone screens. MORE

World Cup on Social Media - infographic

The World Cup on Social Media – Infographic

June 13, 2014: Unlike athletic events like football or basketball, soccer has limited commercial airtime and long periods of uninterrupted play, making it a prime sporting event for social media interaction. MORE

the Business of sports article

Infographic Friday: World Cup Edition

June 13, 2014: Companies are looking to use the World Cup as an opportunity to share valuable insights and infographics continue to be a very popular and engaging way to deliver those insights MORE

Advertising Age article

10 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats We’ve Seen This Week

June 13, 2014: UK: Digital marketing stats include the Offerpop and Crimson Hexagon infographic: An Analysis of Scoial Media and the 2014 FIFA World Cup. MORE

Advertising Age article

Infographic: Social Media and the 2014 World Cup

June 13, 2014: 2014 World Cup will be one of the biggest sporting events of the year. FIFA Infographic from Offerpop and Crimson Hexagon offers fun statistics around this global event. MORE

Advertising Age article

How a Yale Doctorate in Sociology Led to a Gig in Social Media

June 10, 2014: Advertising Age interviewed Crimson Hexagon’s Elizabeth Breese in how she applies sociology theories to real-world business problems. MORE

Columbia Business School

Chipotle Crows for Cause Marketing

June 9, 2014: Crimson Hexagon’s social analysis is included in an article extolling Chipotle elegant combination of storytelling and the branding imperative of cause marketing. MORE

Racist Tweets From Bruins Fans

Identifying Trends Around Workplace Discrimination Using Social Media

June 6, 2014: Using Crimson Hexagon’s social analysis tool, the IOL in Indonesia looked at social media topics and identified which ones were promising targets for further research and which topics didn’t have sufficient volume to analyse further. MORE

May 2014

Racist Tweets From Bruins Fans

Making sense of Social

May 28, 2014: Shifting gears to another dimension of “social,” a tremendous amount of time, energy and money are going into monitoring, analyzing and responding to consumer comments on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight monitors and analyzes social media commentary. MORE

Racist Tweets From Bruins Fans

Manage Social Media Across Platforms With Spredfast Engage

May 28, 2014: Spredfast have developed an Engage Button that can reside within any application and allow a user to share content directly from within the application. The Spredfast Engage Button is being launched with five partners including Crimson Hexagon. MORE

Racist Tweets From Bruins Fans

#Yesallwomen Takes Twitter by Storm: A Rundown of the Numbers

May 27, 2014: The trend started in the wake of Rodger’s rampage, with over a million women (and some men) taking to Twitter to voice their experiences with sexual harassment, abuse, stereotyping and fear with more than 1.6 million tweets sent since May 23. MORE

Racist Tweets From Bruins Fans

Crimson Hexagon ForSight™ Platform Joins Forces With Hootsuite’s Engagement Platform

May 27, 2014: Crimson Hexagon clients can stream social media posts directly into HootSuite. How does this help marketers and customer service professionals? They can use it to engage with consumers and take action based on deep social media analysis. MORE

Racist Tweets From Bruins Fans

5 Things Your Social Marketing Program Definitely Needs

May 23, 2014: Consolidation is happening and alliances are forming, often across the aisle between management and analytics. For example, HootSuite recently announced a partnership with Crimson Hexagon. MORE

Racist Tweets From Bruins Fans

How the P.K. Subban tweets became a digital wildfire

May 23, 2014: Back on May 1, the Boston Bruins lost Game 1 of their NHL playoff series against the Montreal Canadiens when Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban, who is black, scored a game-winning goal in double overtime. This was met with racist tweets from disappointed fans. MORE

Racist Tweets From Bruins Fans

You Can’t Gauge How Racist Boston — or Any Other City — Is From Twitter

May 23, 2014: Debunking the notion that social analysis can tell us anything about racism in any city. Using data from digital analyst Trevor Choleva, who works at an analytics firm called Crimson Hexagon reports hat there were only 288 Tweets that used the ‘n-word’ and Subban’s name in a racist and derogatory manner after Game 1. MORE

Racist Tweets From Bruins Fans

Boston Hockey Twitter: Not As Racist As Made Out To Be

May 23, 2014: After Montreal’s P.K. Subban scored to beat Boston in game one of their series, there were two inescapable talking points: That the word “nigger” was trending in Boston (this was quickly debunked) and there had been 17,000 tweets containing the slur and Subban’s name. Would it change your impression if you found out the actual number of racist tweets was closer to 288? MORE

Racist Tweets From Bruins Fans

Exclusive: The Real Numbers Behind Those ‘Racist Tweets From Bruins Fans’

May 23, 2014: Choleva and two Crimson Hexagon colleagues, senior content and digital marketing strategist Elizabeth Breese and product analyst Matthew Bemis, shared their company’s data exclusively with The OBF Blog. MORE

Why Brands Should Like Facebook Analytics

Why Brands Should Like Facebook Analytics

May 22, 2014: When you listen to the conversation on Facebook brand pages using tools like Crimson Hexagon, you start to find that brand advocates, reoccurring positive sentiment topics and the percentage of fans engaging with the page increase each month. MORE

Dr. Natalie News

Crimson Hexagon ForSight™ Platform Joins Forces With Hootsuite’s Engagement Platform

May 22, 2014: Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, a leading industry expert in Social Business and Social Media ROI offers her point of view in how Crimson Hexagon is entering into engagement space enhancing what their customers see and can analyze. MORE

The EU Elections on Twitter

The EU Elections on Twitter

May 22, 2014: The analysis of the Twitter discussions surrounding the 2014 European Union (EU) elections employed media research methods that combined Pew Research’s content analysis rules with computer coding software developed by Crimson Hexagon (CH). MORE

Pew Research

How Should Brands Adapt to the New Facebook Rules?

May 19, 2014: UK: It looks like the days of free reach for brands are seriously numbered. Now a listed company, Facebook has to demonstrate to investors that it is able to monetise the platform. So will we see brands deserting Facebook or will they seek to adapt their strategy? Crimson Hexagon offers context data. MORE

Pew Research

Net neutrality: A made-for-web debate

May 15, 2014: The Federal Communications Commission vote expected today could dramatically impact the flow of digital content Americans receive. The topic has been all but absent from network and cable news coverage. Crimson Hexagon analysis found…MORE

Pew Research

Over 2.5m #BringBackOurGirls tweets sent as time the schoolgirls are missing almost reaches a month

May 13, 2014: The Drum used Crimson Hexagon social analysis to report on the more than 2 million tweets and social sentiment on line involving the abduction of 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria. MORE

Pew Research

Nigeria school abduction sparks social media campaign

May 1, 2014: UK: BBC uses Crimson hexagon’s ForSight platform to portray the extent of the global social media campaign. The campaign for more to be done to rescue over 200 schoolgirls abducted by militants in northern Nigeria is attracting growing attention on social media. MORE


Did Donald Sterling’s Remarks Create A Brand Crisis For The NBA?

May 1, 2014: B2C used the ForSight™ platform, to baseline conversation trends and opinions about the NBA pre, during and post Donald Sterling’s racially charged statements and find out how conversation has shifted and who’s getting involved within social media. MORE

April 2014

alcohol industry market research

The Value of Market Research: Examples from the Alcohol Industry

April 27, 2014: The alcoholic beverages market is not just a highly competitive area, it’s also a heavily regulated industry, and one with significant social considerations and implications. Using the ForSight platform, millions of online posts were analysed in terms of a variety of aspects of the alcohol industry. MORE


Should the NYPD Even Do Twitter Marketing?

April 24, 2014: Should the NYPD and other big-city police departments participate in social media like other brands do? Crimson Hexagon shared exclusive data with Adweek that clearly points to the NYPD’s need for more intelligence. MORE


‘Game of Thrones’ in Social Media: More than 4.1 million hits

April 23, 2014: Spain: The premiere in Spain on Monday of the fourth season of Game of Thrones mobilized social networks. Under the hashtag # JuegodeTronos, series emitting Canal Plus recorded more than 4.1 million hits, up from more than 3.5 million searches on Twitter. MORE


Ohio man was first to tweet ‘Boston Strong

April 22, 2014: “Boston Strong” may have been used lots of times on Monday as the city successfully pulled off the first Boston Marathon since the April 15, 2013, bombing, but data shows the first tweet with that phrase came from far away.MORE


Many Auto Show Visitors Unfazed by G.M. Recalls

April 21, 2014: “Boston Strong” may have been used lots of times on Monday as the city successfully pulled off the first Boston Marathon since the April 15, 2013, bombing, but data shows the first tweet with that phrase came from far away.MORE


The Price of the GM Recalls: Advice for Mary Barra

April 7, 2014: Some metrics show that GM’s image is holding up in spite of the controversy. March figures for the automaker’s U.S. sales showed a 4.1% year-to-year increase. Boston-based social media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon examined MORE


Game of Thrones’ on Social Media: 500,000 Tweets And Counting…

April 7, 2014: According to data gathered by the analytics firm Crimson Hexagon, Game of Thrones, which aired its season 4 premiere on HBO last night, has been the most popular topic on Twitter with more than 493,500 tweets. MORE

March 2014

Boston Magazine

MBTA Late-Night T & Bus Service Was a Success, Social Media Says

March 31, 2014: Triumphs like the MBTA’s can be measured by monitoring network data. Analysis company Crimson Hexagon took a look at Twitter to see how well the MBTA fared. MORE

Boston Magazine

Seize the Sentiment

March 25, 2014: Crimson Hexagon president, Curt Bloom, shares insight on the value of learning how to listen on the web and analysing the conversation to better understand customers.” href=”″ target=”_blank”>MORE

Boston Magazine

G.M. Uses Social Media to Manage Customers and Its Reputation

March 23, 2014: According to Crimson Hexagon analysis, overall sentiment about G.M. brands on Twitter has remained the same despite the barrage of headlines about G.M.’s decade-long failure to issue product recall. MORE

Boston Magazine

Taking Sides Was Good Business for Sam Adams

March 18, 2014: By some measures, the brand took a side in a controversy and reaped in the social media gains. BostInno published data from social media analytics company Crimson Hexagon that shows the boost Sam Adams got on Twitter from the furor. MORE

theDrum article

RightMove Appoints Crimson Hexagon To Discover Social Sentiment

March 18, 2014: UK: Sarah Brown, social media manager, Rightmove said: “Social media is a crucial source of sentiment, opinions and trends yet many organisations struggle to process the breadth of social media to produce usable data and insights. MORE

February 2014

BostInno media coverage

Mayor Walsh’s Twitter Chat by the Numbers

February 25, 2014: Boston Mayor Marty Walsh took to Twitter on Monday to continue growing the success of his repeated forays into social media. Crimson Hexagon, the local monitoring and analysis company examined the social media progress he’s made since being inaugurated on January 6. MORE

Fourth Source Digital Media Coverage

Mayor Walsh’s Twitter Chat by the Numbers

February 20, 2014: UK: How do businesses gain access to the consumer life cycle and use it constructively? By organising social media conversation about products, brands, or campaigns into customer categories.  MORE

BostInno media coverage

The Only Sochi Social Media Inforgraphic You Need

February 14, 2014: Digesting Sochi-related social media data is now a non-issue. If charting social media information were an Olympic event, Crimson Hexagon would win gold.” MORE

digiday Crimson Hexagon media coverage

K-Pop, Cat GIFs, and Constitutionalism in China

February 11, 2014: Author used Crimson Hexagon to locate 490,000 Chinese social media posts between Jan. 1, 2013 and Feb. 1, 2014, mentioning “constitutionalism,” “anti-constitutionalism,” or “socialist constitutionalism.” MORE

Chain Store Age media coverage

Report: CVS tobacco decision spurs social media discussion

February 6, 2014: The Feb. 5 decision by CVS to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products by October 2014 reportedly created a large volume of related discussion on social media. Analysis from social media analysis technology provider Crimson Hexagon,  there were more than 139,000 total posts on Twitter. MORE

digiday Crimson Hexagon media coverage

CVS Enjoys a Brand Boost from Kicking the Habit

February 5, 2014: CVS announced Wednesday that beginning this fall it will stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products in all of its 7,600 stores. The CVS Twitter account averaged 200 – 300 daily interactions according to Social media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon.MORE

January 2014

Social Media Explorer Newsroom

Social Sentiment’s Missing Measures

January 29, 2014: Vendors Kanjoya and Crimson Hexagon for two, but they, and other vendors I’ll cite in this article, are exceptions to the rule. MORE

Fourth Source

Control of Your Hashtag Campaign

January 29, 2014:  In order to maintain control of the social conversation, marketers and brand managers must monitor not only the popularity and reach of the hashtag, but also whether social media conversation is staying on-message, or straying. MORE

Virginaia Gazette Newsroom

At the White House #social

January 3, 2014: The White House group sent or retweeted more than 1,200 messages during the first hour of Obama’s speech and more than 700 tweets in the hour following, said Breese, who monitored the group’s output using her company’s analysis software.

WTAQ Newsroom

State of the Union is #social

January 29, 2014: 60 people chosen from thousands of applicants who explained in 140 characters or less why they wanted to be chosen as volunteers to live-tweet the State of the Union address. MORE

Business 2 Community Crimson Hexagon Article

Super Bowl Location Social Conversations

January 28, 2014: Why is New Jersey so passionate about bringing the big game to their neck of the woods? Twitter has plenty of opinions, but in order to make sense of them, the excitement expressed online must be put into context. MORE


Was ‘Hercules’ A Branding Win

January 3, 2014: The Weather Channel has branded the storm “Hercules,” part of a yearlong program to name winter storms to drum up excitement — has it worked? MORE

December 2013

TwinCities Business Newsroom article

Target Data Breach Creates Social Buzz

December 30, 2013: Black Friday was a huge day for Target, with some 90,000 tweets about the bulls-eye brand. MORE

All Twitter

Tweets Around Target Credit Card Dilemma

December 30, 2013: Amid holiday heyday, Target’s payment systems were hacked, compromising 40 million customers’ payment information. MORE


Tweets Around Target Credit Card Dilemma

December 26, 2013: Amid holiday heyday, Target’s payment systems were hacked, compromising 40 million customers’ payment information. MORE

AD AGE CMO strategy article

Is Best Buy’s ‘Showrooming’ Campaign Working?

December 26, 2013: New social media data research suggests showrooming strategy is likely paying off through increased store traffic but more could be done. MORE

Boston Globe article

What People Are Saying

December 22, 2013: Tragedies and triumphs of 2013 played out on Twitter, as collected by Boston firm Crimson Hexagon. MORE


China Broadcasting Blasts Foreign Brands

December 17, 2013: Using Crimson Hexagon Forsight platform, the article distills Chinese sentiment toward government owned media attempts. MORE

BBC News Africa

Mandela Memorial Service on Social Media

December 11, 2013: Africa – Using Forsight social media analysis, over 35,K tweets were posted globally in just one hour between 0800 and 0900 GMT. MORE

All Twitter article

People Actually Enjoyed Black Friday

December 2, 2013: According to Twitter, shoppers seemed to feel pretty positive towards Black Friday this year. MORE

November 2013

Boston Inovation article

How Black Friday Blew Up on Twitter

November 29, 2013: Crimson Hexagon data analysis of Black Friday conversations before Thanksgiving. MORE

Marketing Tech article

Twitter Analysis of #BlackFriday

November 29, 2013: UK: According to Twitter respondents, the majority of global opinion on Black Friday was of a positive nature. MORE

UK The Drum article

Black Friday Mayhem Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

November 29, 2013: UK: As Black Friday American tradition moves to UK, 42% of Tweets are positive. MORE

Gorilla Gossip

“Day of the Doctor” Twitter Chatter

November 28, 2013: Record-breaking TV special generates more than 56% of viewers tweeting about popular show. MORE

Huffington Post Internet vs Human

Dr. Who “Day of the Doctor”

November 28, 2013: 50th anniversary special on November 23 generates Twitter-Chat on which doctor star most popular. MORE


People Don’t Hate Black Friday As Much

November 27, 2013: More of us feel positive about the biggest shopping day of the year in 2013 compared to this time in 2012. MORE

econsultancy digital marketing

10 Internet Marketing Stats

November 22, 2013: UK: Interesting stats from Tesco, John Lewis’ Bear and Hare, Facebook and more. MORE

Digital Strategy Consulting

John Lewis “Bear & the Hare” Ad

November 11, 2013: UK: How did the animated Holiday commercial fare with consumers on Twitter? MORE

Crimson Hexagon article on Reuters

Twitter Explodes on NY Stock Exchange

November 7, 2013: More than 16,000 tweets #TWTR within the hour after opening bell following initial offering. MORE


Methodology: How Crimson Hexagon Works

November 4, 2013: Pew Reasearch Journalsim Project used Crimson Hexagon software to analyze the textual content from billions of posts on blogs, Twitter and Facebook. MORE

UK The Drum article

Social Media on Call of Duty Ghosts

November 4, 2013: UK: Almost one million posts on the release of the game and gaming features. MORE

October 2013


Partnership with Academic Researchers

October 28, 2013: Crimson Hexagon partners with public sector organisations under research grant program. MORE

CNN Money on new  iPad

50% of Tweets Positive on New iPads

October 23, 2013: Interest in the iPad Air gained steam overnight as MacBook Pro talk fell sharply. MORE

LostRemote Social analysis of TV

SocialTV Analysis on #CBSTweetWeek

October 3, 2013: CBS continues to produce “Tweet Week” in honor of fall TV. MORE


Opposing Views: Shutdown & Obamacare

October 2, 2013: Pew Research used ForSight™to compile social voice on Twitter. MORE

Bankrupting America Crimson Hexagon Article

Twitter Sentiment on Government Shutdown

October 1, 2013: Data used in this blog post was secured through Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ platform. MORE

September 2013

Mashable on new Yahoo logo

7 Million iOS Tweets

September 19, 2013: Apple users sent over 7 million tweets in the 2 days following new iphone launch. MORE

Yahoo logo

Did Social Yahoo Pick the Wrong Logo?

September 3, 2013: More than 28,000 tweets about the new logo in just the first 12 hours after it was revealed. MORE

Australia SocialMediaNews

Did Social Media Sway Election?

September 3, 2013: Australia: Social analysis reveals how opinions around Kevin Rudd changed during Australia’s Election. MORE

Spiegel Online

Analysis of German Federal Election

September 2, 2013: Germany: Research grant participant, Andreas Jungherr, on election voice on social media . MORE

August 2013


CVS Receipts Spark Social Media

August 31, 2013: Includes quote by Wayne St Amand, Executive VP on how companies must listen and respond. MORE


Who Has Really Won the Social Election?

August 30, 2013: Australia: Social analysis following the final debate in Australia’s Federal Election. MORE

econsultancy digital marketing

Understand Customers & Remain in Control

Aug 29, 2013: ForSight analysis used in article on measuring the impact of hashtags MORE


Campaign Urges Tweet When U Eat

Aug 29, 2013: UK – Social analysis of Krave Campaign generates 76,498 Twitter and Facebook posts. MORE

LostRemote Social analysis of TV

CBS’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Aug 20, 2013: Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ generates positive social buzz with cast appearance at TCA’s. MORE

UK The Drum article

“Breaking Bad” Addiction

Aug 14, 2013: UK – 19% admit to being addicted to Breaking Bad on Twitter as 17% urge others to not mention spoilers. MORE

LostRemote Social analysis of TV

Social Buzz on CBS “The Crazy Ones”

Aug 13, 2013: TCA press tour triggers social buzz excitement for fall lineup of new shows. MORE

Chain Store Age article

5 Types of Back-to-School Shoppers

Aug 8, 2013: Quote on report initiated by Crimson Hexagon on shopping behaviors from social analysis. MORE

Business 2 Community Crimson Hexagon Article

5 Personas of School Shoppers

Aug 7, 2013: Through social analysis, Crimson Hexagon uncovers shopping behaviors. MORE

The New York Times Article

Big Data Digital Smoke Signals

Aug 7, 2013: United Nations Global Pulse team focus is on harnessing technology to transform economic development. . MORE

UK The Drum article

Social Buzz on Dr. Who Announcement

Aug 6, 2013: 22% of Twitter believes Capaldi is a good choice to play Doctor Who, with over half sharing news stories.. MORE

LostRemote Social analysis of TV

ABC’s “Super Fun Night” Ad

Aug 5, 2013: 33% of tweets about ABC’s ‘Super Fun Night’ are about the show’s ads. MORE

Business 2 Community Article

Is Vine Dead? Vine VS Instagram

Aug 3, 2013: An in-depth look into the social media conversation surrounding the video debate. MORE

Crimson Hexagon article from National Journal

The Making of Allen West, Inc.

Aug 1, 2013: The former congressman, unseated in the nation’s most expensive race, is building an empire. MORE

July 2013

New England Venture Capital Association

Women-Led Startups in Boston

July 24, 2013: Crimson Hexagon’s CEO, Stephanie Newby is on an comprehensive list on women-led start-ups. MORE

Crimson Hexagon Article on Digital Royalty

The #RoyalBaby Watch

July 22, 2013: UK: Social analysis provided by Crimson Hexagon following announcement of British Royal Baby. MORE

LostRemote Social analysis of TV cacellations

New TV Drama “The BlackList”

July 23, 2013: Advanced screening of NBC “The Blacklist” at Comic-Con helps drive positive buzz. MORE

Supermarket News

Online Grocery Infographic

July 22, 2013: Crimson Hexagon research provided data for Supermarket News Infographic. MORE

Crimson Hexagon article on International Business Times

Anger Over Trayvon Martin Case

July 19, 2013: One-third of Twitter users expressed anger over the George Zimmerman acquittal. MORE

Business 2 Community Crimson Hexagon Article

Multilingual Insights on Tour de France

July 19, 2013: Global conversation on social analysis of 2013 Tour de France event. MORE

Crimson Hexagon articles from Portland Business Journal

ReTrak Featured at LA Entertainment Summit

July 19, 2013: Forum covers research for sales & planning from studios & video game publishers, will feature Rentrak’s Chris Roberts presentation. MORE

Popular Science Article using Crimson Hexagon Analysis

Twitter Responds to Zimmerman Verdict

July 18, 2013: Pew Research Center & Crimson Hexagon to comb through millions of tweets. MORE

TMCNet media coverage

Rentrak Catches Pre-Release Film Buzz

July 18, 2013: PreAct, a long-lead measurement tool, monitors conversation as early as 52 weeks prior to release. MORE

Media Politics in Perspective

Anger Greets Zimmerman Verdict

July 17, 2013: Twitter response to George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the killing of Trayvon Martin. MORE

Movie Balla articles on Crimson Hexagon

RenTrak Launches PreAct™

July 17, 2013: The Movie Industry’s First Tool That Measures Film Interest And Marketing Impact Before Release MORE

LostRemote Social analysis of TV cacellations

FOX’s TV Line Up “Sleepy Hollow”

July 15, 2013: How Fox’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ is building buzz around their Comic-Con presence. MORE

LostRemote Social analysis of TV cacellations

New TV Show Social Media Infographic

July 2, 2013: “The Tomorrow People” gains buzz as Vampire Diaries fans flock to the CW’s new show. MORE

The Drum Crimson Hexagon article

TV Lags Behind Online & Radio

July 2, 2013: UK: Online trumped TV during the Glastonbury festival according to social media chatter. MORE

Web Tech France

Social Media Intelligence: Black Gold Marks?

July 1, 2013: France: Major retailers are facing new digital logic to stay in the race against on-line stores. MORE

June 2013

TMCNet Interactive Intelligence article on Cromson Hexagon

Digital Royalty Selects Social Analysis Platform

June 28, 2013: Digital Royalty to Bring Social Media Analysis to the Hospitality, Sports and Entertainment Industries. MORE

USA Today Crimson Hexagon Article

Sentiment Positive on DOMA Ruling

June 26, 2013: Americans used social media to express their reaction to the Supreme Court DOMA decision. MORE

LostRemote Social analysis of TV cacellations

“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” Buzz

June 24, 2013: Not surprisingly Marvel’s built in fan base has started clinging to the new ABC show. MORE

Retail Digital Crimson Hexagon Article

The Value of Listening to Customers

June 24, 2013: UK: Retail chain Primark to sell selected items through the popular ASOS ecommerce site. MORE

The Drum Crimson Hexagon Article

New Dr Who Choice by UK

June 18, 2013: UK: Online conversations on top choice to take the spot from current actor, Matt Smith. MORE

Business 2 Community Crimson Hexagon Article

MA Senate Campaign Takes Unexpected Twist

June 17, 2013: Social media chatter around upcoming Massachusetts special election senate race. MORE

Credit Unions Online Crimson Hexagon Article

Clues Why Consumers Join Credit Unions

June 14, 2013: Twitter users conveyed their sentiment around Apple’s latest Mac operating system and mobile OS. MORE

iDigital Times Crimson Hexagon Article

iOS 7-OS X Mavericks Announcements

June 11, 2013: Twitter users conveyed their sentiment around Apple’s latest Mac operating system and mobile OS. MORE

CNet Crimson Hexagon Article

Twitter Users Go Gaga Over Latest Apple OS

June 10, 2013: Twitter users conveyed their sentiment around Apple’s latest Mac operating system and mobile OS. MORE

Business 2 Community Crimson Hexagon Article

Two Men Out To Destroy the World

June 7, 2013: Talks with Rogen and Goldbert’s upcoming movie “This Is the End” and how social media impacts release. MORE

Business 2 Community Crimson Hexagon Article

Advertainment Requires Social Analysis

June 13, 2013: In delivering entertaining content, measuring impact requires serious metrics. MORE

Business 2 Community Crimson Hexagon Article

KFC’s Latest Ad Campaign Analysis

June 6, 2013: Consumers offer a mixed bucket of opinions on latest KFC ad campaign. MORE

TMCNet Crimson Hexagon article

STEAK Group Selects Crimson Hexagon

June 4, 2013: Digital marketing agency STEAK Group selects Crimson Hexagon for social analysis. MORE

UK STEAK Group Wall Street Journal press release

Wall Street Journal Press Release

June 3, 2013: Press release announcing UK’s STEAK Group social analysis selection. MORE

Business 2 Community Crimson Hexagon Article

Advertising Impact on Perception

June 3, 2013: How consumers reacted to UK’s Lucozade evolution & latest ad campaign. MORE

PRWeek Crimson Hexagon Article

Monitoring Real Time Social Conversations

June 3, 2013: Bing discusses monitoring social conversations in real time around their brand. MORE

Las Vegas Review Journal Consumer Affinity for Credit Unions

Consumers Affinity for Credit Unions

June 3, 2013: Crimson Hexagon gathered 230,000+ relevant social media conversations. MORE

May 2013

LostRemote Social analysis of TV cacellations

Social Media Erupts on TV Cancellations

May 28, 2013: Fans of popular shows like Happy Endings react on cancellations. MORE

The Drum article on David Beckham

Beckman’s Hair Tops UK Conversation

May 17, 2013: UK: Online opinion on Manchester United, David Beckman’s retirement from football. MORE

Daily Research News Online

Real Time Social Media Monitoring Debuts

May 16, 2013: UK: Daily Research News Online discusses Crimson Hexagon’s newest feature, Live Stream. MORE

 UK Telegraph

Live Reaction to Manchester United Changes

May 10, 2013: UK: Social reaction to Sir Alex Fergusen retirement and David Moyes appointment. MORE

April 2013

 ESPN article

Rick Pitino No 8 Trending Topic

April 9, 2013: Louisville coach Rick Pitino stays on top of Twitter trending topics despite misspellings. MORE


Final Four March Madness

April 5, 2013: Crimson Hexagon social analysis platform tracks almost 7M “Final Four” tweets. MORE

 Business 2 Community

Viral Video Win for Pepsi and NASCAR

April 3, 2013: Social media sentiment on Pepsi video showing Jeff Gordon pranking a car salesmen. MORE

 NewHope 360 article on Crimson Hexagon

What Is Your Showrooming Strategy?

April 2, 2013: Jehan Hamedi, author of Crimson Hexagon’s Showrooming & Consumer Migration Study on why Customers Leave Your Store for Competition Online. MORE

March 2013

Business 2 Community Crimson Hexagon Article

Ford Global Brand Crisis

March 30, 2013: The magnitude of brand crisis in a speculative unapproved Ford Figo online ad. MORE

 Netimperative Crimson Hexagon article

British Public React to UK Budget

March 27, 2013: UK: Social sentiment on Twitter surrounding British Chancellor George Osborne Budget.MORE

FastCompany Crimson Hexagon article

Using Twitter to Preempt Disaster

March 19, 2013: UN’s New Global Pulse Lab is using social media big data in Indonesia to preempt disaster. MORE

Bizcloud Crimson Hexagon article

Financial Institutions Social Analysis Study

March 18, 2013: “Profiling the Unbanked and Underbanked” study empowers financial institutions to drive growth. MORE

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

Social Media After a Twitter Revolution?

March 11, 2013: 3-month study of the Arab Spring, analyzing tweets coming out of Egypt, Libya and Syria. MORE

PR Daily  Crimson Hexagon article

TweetDeck App Killed: 6 Alternatives

march 4, 2013: Crimson Hexagon is featured in social media management tools comparison. MORE Crimson Hexagon article

Journalists Find Sources In Social Data

March 4, 2013: Crimson Hexagon 200 billion+ posts library offers sources for journalists & business interests. MORE

February 2013

New Media Knowledge Crimson Hexagon article

Social Intelligence Offers Opportunities

Feb 23, 2013: UK: Theory behind social media intelligence turns data into actionable insights. MORE

Huffington Post Crimson Hexagon article

The Twittersphere’s Pick for Best Picture

Feb 23, 2013: Social media analysis of online conversation about films offer hints about Oscar night. MORE

USA Today Crimson Hexagon article

Blessed By Benedict, Loses Its First Pope

Feb 23, 2013: Analysis of 1.8 million English-language tweets as world waits for @pontifex to go silent. MORE

Wall Street Journal Crimson Hexagon article

The Oscars Number Crunchers

Feb 23, 2013 For Academy Awards statistical forecasting, WSJ focuses on Crimson Hexagon’s analysis. MORE

Digiday Crimson Hexagon article

Weather Company Branded a Storm

Feb 18, 2013: 820,000 mentions of Weather Channel coined #Nemo, only 19,000 associated with news channel. MORE

Pew Research Center Crimson Hexagon article

State of the Union 2013 and Twitter

Feb 13, 2013: Social analysis examined Twitter conversation around Obama’s 2013 State of the Union speech. MORE

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

America’s Love-Happy States on Social Media

Feb 14, 2013: To find out the pulse of Valentine’s Day is strongest, 2.1m social conversations examined. MORE

CUNA Crimson Hexagon article

What Makes CUs Attractive to Consumers

Feb 9, 2013: Over 220,000 posts in a study uncover what makes credit unions so inviting to consumers. MORE

USA Today Crimson Hexagon article

Social Engagement Record for Super Bowl

Feb 8, 2013: The 2013 Super Bowl set a record for social media interactions. Ravens 3.7million-49ers 3.1million. MORE

PR Moment Crimson Hexagon article

Listening To Online Conversations

Feb 8, 2013: Over 145,000 social media conversations relating to the subjects of flu and the Norovirus. MORE

ESPN Crimson Hexagon article

Social Media and Super Bowl XLVII

Feb 5, 2013: Super Bowl was a social media success as millions of tweets poured in during the game. MORE

January 2013

Marketing Week Crimson Hexagon article

Facebook’s Graph Search

Jan 28, 2013: Facebook’s Graph search has caused an uproar in public sentiment around privacy concerns. MORE

The Hill Crimson Hexagon article

Inauguration Tweets Mostly Positive

Jan 22, 2013: Crimson Hexagon’s Forsight™ social analysis of tweets posted on Inauguration Day. MORE

ESPN Crimson Hexagon article

NHL Is Hardly On The Radar

Jan 18, 2013: Social media sentiment analysis on impact the labor dispute had over the fan base. MORE

Forbes Crimson Hexagon article

Twitter On Facebook’s Graph Search

Jan 17, 2013: Deep dive analysis of social media reaction to the announcement of the Facebook Graph. MORE

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

Flu Virus Hot Topic on Social Media

Jan 16, 2013 Tracking online conversation, Crimson Hexagon analyzed a spike of over 626,379 mentions of flu. MORE

Fox News Crimson Hexagon article

Flu Infects Social Media

Jan 16, 2013: Wayne St. Amand, VP of Marketing talks to Fox News about recent flu outbreak analysis. MORE

The Drum Crimson Hexagon article

Consumer Electronics Show

Jan 12, 2013: At the CES, car related technology and gaming dominate social conversations. MORE

B2C Crimson Hexagon article

Will NFL Fans Hold A Grudge?

Jan 9, 2013: Social analysis proved that for the fans, the lockout was still fresh on their minds. MORE

December 2012

Research Live Crimson Hexagon article

Klout Partnership to Track Influencers

Dec 15, 2012: Crimson Hexagon has integrated Klout’s influence scores into our ForSight platform. MORE

Baltimore Sun Crimson Hexagon article

Are Media Losing Their Way

Dec 6, 2012: Analysis on the The White House’s #My2k hashtag, created to promote tax rate plan. MORE

My Customer Crimson Hexagon article

Social Media Overtakes Phone

Dec 5, 2012: Survey of 125 digital marketing and technology professionals at ad:tech London. MORE

The Drum Crimson Hexagon article

ad:tech London Social Media Usage

Dec 5, 2012: 50% of marketing and technology professionals describe their social media tone. MORE

B2C Crimson Hexagon article

Black Friday Motivates Shoppers

December 3, 2012: Analysis revealed that Black Friday consumer appeal is not solely the discounts. MORE

November 2012

The Hill Crimson Hexagon article

Use Of White House’s #My2K

Nov 30, 2012: The White House’s #My2k hashtag, to promote tax rate plan more negative than positive. MORE

B2C Crimson Hexagon article

ForSight™ Social Listening Platform

Nov 25, 2012: Online conversation in both the UK and U.S., about all past and current Bond actors. MORE

B2B Marketing Crimson Hexagon article

Taking The Rough With The Smooth

Nov 20, 2012: Wayne St. Amand, discusses social media intelligence tools for developing marketing strategies. MORE

Dipnot Crimson Hexagon article


Nov 19, 2012: Analysis technology demonstrated its language agnostic nature with popular Turkish TV show. MORE

Brand Republic Crimson Hexagon article

Social Media Gives You Wings

Nov 17, 2012: Global conversation around The Red Bull Stratos jump. Crimson Hexagon’s research revealed… MORE

B2C Crimson Hexagon article

Analyzing 2012 Election Political Humor

Nov 14, 2012: Embedded in the humorous memes, meaningful political conversation was revealed. MORE

October 2012

Boston Globe Crimson Hexagon article

Vignettes from Sandy

Oct 30, 2012: Hurricane Sandy provoked an onslaught of social media commentary on riding out “frankenstorm.” MORE

NBC Crimson Hexagon article

‘Bayonets’ Fail to Cut Romney

Oct 29, 2012: Close to 1 million post-debate posts revealed a slight preference for President Obama. MORE

Current TV Crimson Hexagon article

Debate Results Are In

Oct 5, 2012: Crimson Hexagon garnered online information about whether the candidates conveyed facts or untruths. MORE

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

Debate Tweets: Obama Looked Rusty

Oct 4, 2012: Twitter chatter around the presidential debate, continues to reveal public sentiment. MORE

Bloomberg Crimson Hexagon article

Obama Rusty-Romney On Game

Oct 4, 2012: Over 12.9 million tweets on presidential debate, providing deeper insight to the candidates’ performances. MORE

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

Apple Maps App Gets Lost on Twitter

Oct 2, 2012: 50,000 Twitter posts around Apple’s Maps app, revealing overwhelmingly negative sentiment. MORE

September 2012

CNet Crimson Hexagon article

iPhone 5 Triggers Some Positive Reaction

Sept 17, 2012: Apple’s iPhone 5 data analysis showcased the sentiment the new phone elicited. MORE

CNN Crimson Hexagon article

Twitter On Apple’s iPhone 5 Event

Sept 15, 2012: Crimson Hexagon gathered and analyzed over 1.7 million Twitter posts around the launch. MORE

Forbes Crimson Hexagon article

Internet On iPhone 5 Launch

Sept 13, 2012: in-depth perspective of the new iPhone 5 online sentiment. MORE

NBC Crimson Hexagon article

Democrats Gain by Redefining Ryan

Sept 14, 2012: Swing in sentiment toward Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan. MORE

August 2012

Boston Herald Crimson Hexagon article

New Balance Hires Crimson Hexagon

Aug 28, 2012: Athletic apparel company New Balance signs on with Crimson Hexagon. MORE Crimson Hexagon article

New Balance Taps Crimson Hexagon

Aug 28, 2012: New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc. turns to Crimson Hexagon to gather and analyze consumer insights. MORE

MSNBC Crimson Hexagon article

2012, A Social Media Election

Aug 28, 2012: MSNBC demonstrates how the 2012 election has become a “social media election.” MORE

WSJ Crimson Hexagon article

Twitter Draws Upset Progressive Customers

Aug 22, 2012: A look into why more than 1,000 Progressive customers dropped the insurer in a four-day span. MORE

B2C Crimson Hexagon article

Paul Ryan: Surprising Initial Reactions

Aug 16, 2012: Social sentiment surrounding Mitt Romney’s choice in Paul Ryan as the Vice Presidential nominee. MORE

WSJ Crimson Hexagon article

Bestselling Author Nicholas Sparks

Aug 13, 2012: Hollywood takes a look at the relationship between social media buzz and box office numbers. MORE

Al Jazeera Crimson Hexagon article

Online Reacts to Financial Crisis

Aug 8, 2012: Al Jazeera leveraged analysis platform to discover online sentiment around the financial crisis. MORE

NPR Crimson Hexagon article

China Targets Collective Action

Aug 8, 2012: Recent study looks at the types of online postings censored by the Chinese government. MORE

WSJ Crimson Hexagon article

Twitter Goes to the Movies

Aug 3, 2012: Hollywood studios turning to Crimson Hexagon to help monitor, adjust, and promote their films. MORE

July 2012

Pew Research Center Crimson Hexagon article

Verdict on Paterno Unchanged

July 25, 2012: Pew Research Center study examined sentiment around the Penn State controversy. MORE

The Economist Crimson Hexagon article

Censorship: Monitoring The Monitors

July 10, 2012: Harvard team closely monitoring the censoring of posts on Chinese social media sites. MORE

Bulldog Reporter Crimson Hexagon article

Airlines Struggle With Customer Satisfaction

July 10, 2012: Analysis of nine airlines as expressed in more than 800,000 social media posts. MORE

MSNBC Crimson Hexagon article

Social Sentiment on Health Care Ruling

July 2, 2012: 60% of online commenters approved of the Supreme Court ruling. MORE

Boston Globe Crimson Hexagon article

Watching How China Censors

July 3, 1212: A report recently that found that 13% of social media posts were censored by China’s government. MORE

B2C Crimson Hexagon article

Google Chrome Wins Over Consumers

July 1, 2012: Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been unseated by Google’s Chrome as the most popular web browser. MORE

June 2012

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

Healthcare Ruling Sparks Social Media

June 29, 2012: Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act sparks 13,000 tweets per minute. MORE

Forbes Crimson Hexagon article

Social Analysis on Greek Election

June 18, 2012: Analysis on what Greeks are saying online in the upcoming Greek elections. MORE

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

Greece’s Social Media Users on the Euro

June 15, 2012: Online opinions posted by Greeks on social channels about the elections, bailouts and Euro. MORE

WSJ Crimson Hexagon article

New Study Finds Revealing Patterns

June 14, 2012: Led by Dr. Gary King, study that takes the first steps in analyzing China’s censorship trends. MORE

Forbes Crimson Hexagon article

Turning Brands into Rock Stars

June 13, 2012: Crimson Hexagon contributed social media analysis on Lady Gaga and her impact on social networks. MORE

April 2012

B2C Crimson Hexagon article

What’s So Pinteresting?

April 23, 2012: Crimson Hexagon social media analysis sheds light on the growing popularity of Pinterest. MORE

LA Times Crimson Hexagon article

Obama Suffers More Negative Press

Apr 23, 2012: Pew Research Center revealed that President Obama has gotten the most negative coverage in the press during this year’s primary. MORE

Huffington Post Crimson Hexagon article

The Internet vs. Humans

Apr 18, 2012: Social analysis reveals Facebook-Instagram deal had only a 12% approval rating on Twitter. MORE

ABC Crimson Hexagon article

Instagram Purchase Reopens Privacy Dilemma

Apr 11, 2012: Analysis reveals over 40,000 Twitter users declared that they had deleted their account. MORE

ZD Net Crimson Hexagon article

Facebook, Instagram Chatter

Apr 11, 2012: Only 12% of Twitter users expressed positive sentiment about the Facebook acquisition of Instagram. MORE

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition

Apr 10, 2012:Analysis of over 200,000 tweets found that just 12% of them registered any sort of approval. MORE

B2C Crimson Hexagon article

Trayvon Martin Case

Apr 4, 2012: Pew Research examined more than 7 million tweets and 25,000 blog posts on the death of Trayvon Martin. MORE

Research Live Crimson Hexagon article

Repucom Taps Crimson Hexagon

Apr 3, 2012: Sports marketing research and analysis firm will offer Crimson Hexagon analysis to clients. MORE

February 2012

MSNBC Crimson Hexagon article

Santorum Getting Most Social Media Buzz

Feb 24, 2012: Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is getting the most social media attention. MORE

January 2012

MSNBC Crimson Hexagon article

Gay Rights Advocates Hope for Message

Jan 25, 2012: Americans expressed hope that speech would be concerning jobs, the economy, and same-sex marriage. MORE

The Hill Crimson Hexagon article

Ron Paul Triumphs On Twitter

Jan 18, 2012: Rep. Ron Paul, a distint 2nd in primary finished first among the Twitterati in the week of the vote. MORE

HLN Crimson Hexagon article

Ron Paul Wins! (On Twitter)

Jan 13, 2012: Social media analysis revealed that Rep. Ron Paul was the most discussed candidate on Twitter. MORE

B2C Crimson Hexagon article

Has CES Lost Its Luster With Consumers?

Jan 12, 2012: Crimson Hexagon analyzed Twitter comments on the 2012 show and new product announcements. MORE

TechCrunch Crimson Hexagon article

If Twitter Had Its Own Primary

Jan 11, 2012: Social media analysis revealed that in the twittersphere, Ron Paul would be winning. MORE

Research Live Crimson Hexagon article

APCO Picks Crimson Hexagon

Jan 11, 2012: PR group APCO Worldwide has chosen Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight platform. MORE

Smart Money Crimson Hexagon article

Consumer Malady of 2012

Jan 9, 2012 Crimson Hexagon provides social media insight into negative response around the iPhone 4S. MORE

Realtime Crimson Hexagon article

White House Uses Twitter to Rally Support

Jan 4, 2012: White House turned to social media, asking followers “What does $40 mean to you?” #40dollars. MORE

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

Top 2012 Social Media Resolutions

Jan 4, 2012: Improving health and finances, and sharing less via social media were the most popular resolutions. MORE

TechCrunch Crimson Hexagon article

New Year’s Resolutions Study

Jan 2, 2012: Crimson Hexagon analysis of most popular resolutions among those on the Twittersphere. MORE

October 2011

Pew Research Center Crimson Hexagon article

Pew Research Center On Journalism Project

Oct 26, 2011 The Pew Research Centre’s PEJ chooses ForSight platform to support its media research. MORE

MSNBC Crimson Hexagon article

Rapture Humor Resurrected

Oct 21, 2011 Hype around radio preacher rerun revives old jokes on 2012 end-of-world. MORE

Huffington Post Crimson Hexagon article

iPhone 4s Breaks Sales Records

Oct 11, 2011: Apple iPhone 4S breaks sales yet consumers reacted online with disappointment. MORE

Media T Pro Crimson Hexagon article

Twitter Users Underwhelmed by iPhone 4S

Oct 6, 2011: Almost half of Twitter users have a negative opinion about Apple’s new release of the iPhone 4S. MORE

NY Times Crimson Hexagon article

Steve Jobs Tributes Flood Social Media

Oct 6, 2011: Tributes to Steve Jobs flood the social media platforms from around the world. MORE

AdAge Crimson Hexagon article

Global Social-Media Campaigns

Oct 6, 2011:Execs from agencies and social media companies discuss global social media campaigns. MORE

NYU Crimson Hexagon article

Social Media Marketing Drives In-store Traffic

Oct 5, 2011: Crimson Hexagon and New York University’s Stern School of Business’ Center combined study. MORE

CNet Crimson Hexagon article

Twitter Users Tilt Negative on iPhone 4S

Oct 5, 2011: Real-time consumer sentiment for the Apple iPhone 4S on Twitter shows a 49% negative reaction. MORE

ZD Net Crimson Hexagon article

Twitterverse Goes Sour On iPhone 4S

Oct 5, 2011: Recent study reveals consumers go crazy over iPhone 4S release – but not in a positive way. MORE

WSJ Crimson Hexagon article

Why We Shouldn’t Have Expected iPhone 5

Oct 5, 2011: WSJ takes a look at the negative Twitter reaction over the Apple iPhone 4Sannouncement of the new . MORE

September 2011

The Hill Crimson Hexagon article

Obama’s UN Speech Panned on Twitter

Sept 26, 2011: Twittersphere mostly negative on President Obama’s speech to United Nations General Assembly. MORE

Fast Company Crimson Hexagon article

Netflix Decision to Split Services

Sept 21, 2011: Netflix CEOletter about splitting into two separate services sparks negative reaction from public. MORE

June 2011

Bloomberg Crimson Hexagon article

Data Mining: Twitter, Facebook & Beyond

June 16, 2011: Bloomberg News looks at how companies are turning to technology to learn from social media. MORE

March 2011

Fast Company Crimson Hexagon article

Top 10 Most Innovative Companies

Mar 14, 2011: Crimson Hexagon honored as #7 top web innovator, citing its revolutionary technology. MORE

October 2010

Fast Company Crimson Hexagon article

Crimson Hexagon Feature Story

Oct 22, 2010: Social media outlets garbled up the leaks on rumor that the iPhone was coming to Verizon. MORE

WSJ Crimson Hexagon article

Chilean Miners Rescue

Oct 16, 2010: Conversation on social networks looks at reactions to the rescue of the miners in Chile. MORE

WSJ Crimson Hexagon article

Sentiment Tracker – 10/4 Edition

Oct 4, 2010: Social networks anticipate the “Social Network.” MORE

September 2010

WSJ Crimson Hexagon article

Gaga Drives the Debate

Sept 25, 2010: The diva-turned-activist dominates online discussion of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. MORE

Reuters Crimson Hexagon article

Tea Party Tuesday

Sept 24, 2010: Political opinions analysis shows that the GOP “enthusiasm gap” has evened out recently.

CNN Crimson Hexagon article

Beyond the Hologram

Sept 20, 2010: CNN is looking to break new ground in social media with Crimson Hexagon. MORE

August 2010

Huffington Post Crimson Hexagon article

Twittersphere Cries Foul

Aug 13, 2010: Google & Verizon’s joint policy proposal for “open Internet,” framework creates backlash. MORE

Huffington Post Crimson Hexagon article

Prop 8 Twitter Reaction

Aug 5, 2010: Twitter reaction to the ruling was overwhelmingly positive on Twitter. MORE

July 2010

CNN Crimson Hexagon article

Global Reaction to AZ Immigration Law

July 30, 2010: CNN used our ForSight analysis platform y to measure reaction to Arizona immigration law. MORE

Huffington Post Crimson Hexagon article

iPhone 4 Press Conference Reactions

July 19, 2010: Apple’s Free iPhone 4 Case Offer: Twitter Users React To Bumper Giveaway MORE

CNN Crimson Hexagon article

Gibbs’ Midterm Comments

July 16, 2010: Twitter analysis of Robert Gibbs’ comments about the midterm elections. MORE

June 2010

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

Obama Speech on Oil Spill

June 16, 2010: Twittersphere underwhelmed by President Obama’s speech last night on Gulf Coast massive oil spill. MORE

Room 214 Crimson Hexagon article

Social Media Monitoring Analysis

June 16, 2010: Room 214 recently caught up with Dr. King on Top 5 Things to Know. MORE

March 2010

SXSW Crimson Hexagon article

SXSW: The Word on the Street

Mar 22, 2010: NBC San Diego – Keynote speech on Google Buzz’s privacy blunders by Danah Boyd. MORE

February 2010

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

Twitter Users React to Google Buzz

Feb 16, 2010 Mashable – Some think Google Buzz could be the next huge social platform or big privacy nightmare. MORE

Social Wayne Crimson Hexagon article Reviews

Feb 12, 2010: Social Media analyses of the response to Duke vs. UNC basketball game. MORE

January 2010

CNN Crimson Hexagon article

State of the Union “tweets”

Jan 28, 2010: John King & Wolf Blitzer show off Crimson Hexagon’s technology on their ‘magic wall’.” MORE

Biz Journals Crimson Hexagon article

MHT Women to Watch

Jan 20, 2010: 11 women from New England tech community will be recognized as the 2010 MHT Women to Watch. MORE

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

Conan Wins the Hearts & Minds

Jan 13, 2010: NBC’s late night lineup took a sharp turn with Conan O’Brien resigning as Tonight Show host. MORE

December 2009

Business Insider Crimson Hexagon article

Tiger Woods’ Reputation ‘Tarnished’

Dec 9, 2009: Two charts break down the unfaithful golfer’s reputation based on blogosphere buzz. MORE

AdAge Crimson Hexagon article

iPhone App Online Buzz Factor

Dec 7, 2009: Launch of several branded iPhone apps didn’t generate any big spike in the volume of online chatter. MORE

October 2009

Politcal Ticker Crimson Hexagon article

Half of Twitter comments critical of Snowe

Oct 16, 2009: Analysis indicates people angry about Sen. Olympia Snowe’s vote in support $829B health care proposal. MORE

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

Oct 9, 2009: 69% of online voice don’t get Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. MORE

September 2009

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

Obama Health Care Speech

Sept 11, 2009: Twitter users spark online controversy on President Obama defending his health care reform initiative. MORE

AdAge Crimson Hexagon article

Target Beats Walmart Online

Sept 4, 2009: Crimson Hexagon social analysis technology offers ability to quantify abstract concepts.. MORE

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

Disney & Marvel Not a Blockbuster

Sept 1, 2009: Twitter users speak out on Disney acquiring Marvel for $4 billion. MORE

August 2009

Mashable Crimson Hexagon article

Twitter Effect on Inglourious Basterds

Aug 27, 2009: Twitter may have played a role in generating box office revenue for Inglourious Basterds. MORE

June 2009

CNN Crimson Hexagon article

Examines Online Self-Diagnosis

June 17, 2009: uses Crimson Hexagon’s technology to analyze online self-diagnosis behavior. MORE

May 2009

WSJ Crimson Hexagon article

Did Kris Allen Upset Online Predictions?

May 27, 2009: Did social sentiment late Wednesday turn the tide on “American Idol” win by Kris Allen. MORE

February 2009

Crimson Hexagon article

Crimson Hexagon: Early Warning 2.0

Feb 17, 2009: Crimson Hexagon patent pending automated textual analysis sign of the future? MORE

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