Our 6 Pillars of Leadership

In the new, emerging space of social media analytics, the six pillars of leadership guide our work. As Crimson Hexagon grows and evolves, these pillars serve as the touchstones for how we develop our product and company, and how we build relationships with customer, partners, and team members.




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From building our analytics platform to solving problems and developing new reporting strategies for our customers, we strive to innovate. To us, innovation is about forward motion and not letting fear or habit stop us from trying new solutions or taking a new direction.


In social media, moving the needle matters. In the process of building a product that marketers and market researchers rely on to measure advertising and marketing efforts, we also develop trending analyses and insights that engage and educate our ecosystem and our market about the cutting-edge of social media analysis.


In order to be the industry leaders we want to be for our customers, partners, and team, we strive to lead in the conversation about social media analytics and social listening. Through conference panels, webinars, and guest blogging, and the conversations we have with customers and partners every day, we seek to be an influential voice, raising the conversation to the next level of sophistication.


By working exclusively with public data, presenting our methodology and validation studies, and partnering with public sector and academic researchers, we strive to be a transparent and valuable partner to individuals and organizations seeking to analyze social media data and to develop new tools for analysis.


To be successful as a company and as individuals, we bring energy and commitment to what we do every day. We work in a space where so much is new – why not be passionate about developing new methodologies, building new tools, and solving problems in new ways?


We bring the right people together to build social media software that our customers desire. When customers express that they need Crimson Hexagon’s industry leadership and recommend us to their colleagues, they affirm our direction. Being desired means that we are helping our customers create more demand for their team’s insights, from the water cooler to the boardroom.
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