Crimson Hexagon is backed by a professional and experienced syndicate of individual angel investors and angel groups including Golden Seeds, Zelkova Ventures, Beacon Angels, and the Angel Investor Forum.

Golden Seeds

Golden Seeds Angel Investing
Founded in 2004 as a simple angel investing group, Golden Seeds has been purposefully recast into a disciplined investment organization. Today, with locations in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and San Francisco, the group’s 100+ investors apply their resources and expertise to aid in all phases of the investment process.

Beacon Angels

Beacon Angels Invertors
Beacon Angels is a Boston-based angel group that makes investments primarily in New England-based emerging growth companies with high-return potential.


The Angel Investor Forum (AIF) was founded in 2004, AIF members invest their time, talent and money in supporting companies with solid business models and considerable growth potential.

Zelkova Ventures

Zelkova Ventures Investors
Zelkova Ventures is a venture capital firm committed to helping talented entrepreneurs build incredible companies. As former entrepreneurs, the Zelkova Ventures team understands the highs and lows of launching a new company. Zelcova looks to take an active role and partner with the companies they invest in. Along with their capital, Zelkova brings expertise, insight and execution to all of their portfolio companies.
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